Monday, May 3, 2010

Pics of More New Stuff - CRBs, Scoop Neck Tanks, Define Jackets, & Half Moon Jacket

Coal/Wee Stripe Scoop Neck Tank
I love the Coal/Wee Stripe color combo. I wonder how other colors would look in Wee Stripe.

Potion Purple Scoop Neck Tank

Cool Racerbacks in Little Boy Blue, Lime, Lavender, Potion Purple, and Angel Blue

Define Jackets in Angel Blue, Savage Green, and Potion Purple
I just noticed how they put the matching cool racerbacks under the blue - Little Boy Blue with the Angel - and purple - Lavender with Potion Purple - Define jackets. Lululemon restricted their color palettes so much over the past couple of seasons, they have been missing adjacent colors to match with their main colors. I am so glad they are expanding their palette to offer coordinating colors again!

New Half Moon Jacket - $108

The new Half Moon Jacket looks like a Shape Jacket with a hood attached. I think it would awesome in Coal with the Black and White stripes on the sleeves.  What is that tank she is wearing underneath? I love monochromatic ombre fades/tie die.


pilatesmom said...

Yup the half moon looks just like a shape jacket with a hood. Could be cute in the right color combo but I'm not overly excited about it. (I think she's wearing a 5 yr print t under it - the swan or something - because the back of it is black and the front is some print). The new scoops look great. I also hate the contrast white scoop (seems like EVERYONE hates the constrast white so what do they keep putting out? contrast white. Glad to see something else!

Kim said...

I saw the half-moon jacket in the store today and loved it! I'm holding out for a wear-with-all though....damn things are so hard to get my hands on.

Lacey said...

Love the new define jacket colors! I will have to pick up the potion purple scoop neck when it shows up in my store---so cute! And I'm glad it doesn't have a white neck!

Gina said...

Love love LOVE the stripe detail on the half moon jacket! Very striking. I'll be adding this one to my collection... Altho I really don't need another jacket esp for the northeast humidy summer months, but this one is an eye catching piece. Love it.

lulumom said...

@Kim - Glad to hear that the Half-moon jacket are at the stores, can I ask what colors are available? (Besides the savage green) Also, is it made out of luon? Thanks for your input!!

Anonymous said...

I also wondered what she was wearing underneath the jacket. I think it is the t-shirt with the swan on it? i am very happy with the new summer stuff, just like you stated it's like the Lulu of old. Maybe I'll actualy buy something this next upload. I know i will get the potion purple scoop neck for sure!

Nicole said...

Loving the stripe detail on the half moon jacket. I haven't been a fan of the length of the jackets, nor the zippers (they feel and look cheap to me for some reason) lately but I'll definitely check this one out.