Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More loose fitting pants - Move Me Pant

Move Me Pant
Move Me Pant Product Information:
  • This pant will keep you moving during & after u'r yoga practice
  • Made of our light weight tencil silk fabric
  • Hidden front pocket to hold u'r cards
  • Drawcord in hem for tying these pants at the height right for you
  • Double luon waistband can be worn with one rolled, two rolled or all the way up for an adjustable rise
These pants are made of the same material - Tencel - as the Elevate Pant (shown below). The bottom of the Bliss tank is made of Tencel, too. Word to the wise, don't sweat in your Move Me Pants. They'll be a pass for me.

 Elevate Pant - also made of Tencel
Bliss Tank - Made of Tencel

 Seek the Peak Short - In Potion Purple!

New Tracker Tight Crop Colors
The Tracker Tight Crops remind me a lot of Bebe Sport crops and are probably meant to go after that customer. If you've got the booty to pull these off, go for it.


Pattybea said...

Tried on the move me today...me no likey.. Didn't like the elevate pant either. The move me also comes in a crop which has a cuff bottom. Just how many crops with elastic cuffs do we need to produce in one season??

momof5 said...

they were doing so good for a while -- Blah -- these are all a pass for me -

I see a major loot upload in the future!

ojodeazul said...

Huge Huge pass for me too...

Zanna said...

Another crop with cuffs?? Seriously. This week's product notification was a total blah.

LuluAddict said...

Yeah, I don't get all the cuffed crops. I have some Lucy crops that have ties at the bottom and I much prefer that. At least it leaves you the option of poofing them at the bottom.

yoga pants said...

I like to wear loose fitting pants specially for doing yoga so that I can do concentrate and feel free. I have seen other collection of your site and it is also good as well as the above pants.