Friday, April 30, 2010

New Outfits in the New Spring Colors - Like Lululemon of Old

Spring Quilting Grooves - cute!

I'm more of a hot pink and purple person when it comes to my workout wear but these Savage green outfits are so cute they make me want to get them.

Angel Blue crops - Like!
 Entire Angel Blue Outfit - Coal w/Angel blue crops & coordinating Scoop & Define (also Potion Define)

More Coordinating Outfits - I love the swapped bags - someone has a great eye for composition

Newest Groove Crop Colors

Loose Hot Yogi Shorts
Matching Hoodies - I think I am going to have to get this Static and Savage Green hoodie. I love Static!

Totally Tote Tastic - Lime, Passion, Potion Purple, Angel Blue

The latest batch of Groove crops and shorts look like the Lululemon I know and love. I'm hoping some really cute tanks are following. I know the Power Ys are already in the stores but hoping for some more tank styles. (These girls did a great job of putting together coordinating outfits - way to sell your product!  If you want to see more, see the Oakville Facebook site)

New Power Y Colors

New Power Ys in Green Horizon stripe, Potion Purple, and Angel Blue with matching crops. Potion Purple makes me think of fall and I like Lolo Purple better on me. I am going to hold out for tanks Little Boy Blue which is similar to Ocean and Snorkel Blue.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comments on Vita Bra, Vita Crop, Cougar Town

The Vita bra looks like it doesn't even fit the model correctly. Look under her left boob - I swear the bra is lifted away from her body like the bra is too shallow for her. Why are they making these non-functional bras? I wore my new All Sport bra to spin today and really loved it. I certainly could use the next size up because the girls were smashed in but they stayed in place and felt really supported. What is the point of these nothing bras?

I have to say the Vita crops look really comfy. However, I am not going to pay $86 for another pair of around-the-house pants. These would look good without a cuff. I'm hoping these hit the markdown rack.

My local store just posted they got in Angel Blue, Savage Green, & Potion Purple items. They got a bunch of Scoop Neck Tank, Power Ys, Ta Ta Tamers, and Cool Racerbacks but I don't know in which of the new colors. They have new Reverse Grooves in Coal/Black.

Did anyone watch Cougar Town last night? I thought Courtney Cox had a pair of Wunder Unders on in the first scene. She had it paired with a Beyond Yoga camisole tank.

Today's Upload

Run: Zoom Knee Short
Anyone get anything from today's upload? The only item I would be interested in is the Run: Zoom Knee Short. However, I already have the Biker Groove short (which were $48 instead of the $74 for the Zooms) and a pair of Passion crops so I don't really need the knee short. I was hoping to see some Angel blue tanks. Maybe Push UR Limits, which has become one of my favorite new tanks, or an Energy Sleeveless tank in Angel blue. Oh well, next week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pics - Angel Blue Define & More Mynah tank

I'm pretty sure this is a Define in the new Angel Blue color. My question is, what color is she wearing underneath? I like the deeper blue better.

Here is the best photo of the Mynah tank that I have seen yet. It's probably because the tanks fits the girl properly. I still don't like the back - it's so inelegant & unsexy, unlike previous Lululemon designs.

Pics - Mynah Tank & Energy Short Sleeve

The more I see of the Mynah tank, the less I like it. I'm not even going to bother trying it on.

Lavender Energy Short Sleeve

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lululemon Ad

I could care less about the tag line in this ad. I think camel toe is a concern to women. However, what I really want to know is what tank is that? Is it a Tang Light Power Y? Also, did that Groove combination ever come out - Lavender and Tang Light? It's really pretty. I hate when Luluelmon uses custom clothes in their ads or on their website. You can click on the photo to make it larger.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stuff - Organic Rib Tank

Organic Rib Tank
Yay, another racerback tank.  Can't Lululemon make any other style tank? What about a plain scoop neck and scoop back?  I recently bought a Beyond Yoga square neck ribbed tank made of pima modal cotton and lycra. I really like it - the material is thick, stretchy, and soft - and the style makes my chest look huge. You know one big reason I like it? The neckline - not a racerback and not a scoop. Like all the Beyond Yoga photos, the model could easily size down for a more body hugging fit.
Beyond Yoga - Square Neck Rib Tank

Run: Energy Short Sleeve - cleavage-tastic!

It looks like the new Run: Energy Short Sleeve might dip pretty low in front. I'm thinking my Champion powerback bra might show in front. If I'm going to wear a short sleeve shirt it means I want more coverage. I don't want to flash people when I bend over and I hate putting sunscreen on my chest. The previous tech shirts didn't have that problem.

New Items - Run: Energy Short Sleeve Shirt, Mynah Tank, Jump Start Gym Bag, On the Move Gym Bag

Run: Energy Short Sleeve Shirt
I am a big fan of Lululemon's short sleeve silverscent shirts. This one looks pretty cute except for the Lulucrombie writing on the front. It comes in solid black, solid passion, and black with writing. I am not a huge fan of black silverscent, though, because of the very obvious lines of silver that show. However, the silver hardly shows in the lavender, so that would be the one I would buy. I hope it comes in other colors.
So the new Mynah tank looks ok from the front - yet another spaghetti strap tank. I'm not sure what it's made of but I'd guess luon, luon light, or luxtreme, or some combo of all three. I'm not sure I like the lines on it but I'd have to try it on. However, the back of the tank is kind of yuk...
I do not care for the elastic band at all. It looks cheap and like something from a toddler outfit.
Mynah tank colors - white, passion & white, passion, black

The Namaste cover up actually looks decent in this photo. I still don't like the short sleeves, though.

Jump Start Gym Bags - $78

On the Move Gym Bag - Different!

Classy Classic Gym Bag - I like the textured black one

Lulu Crops

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Got My Flashback Jacket Today

I got my black Flashback jacket today. It's just a basic sweat jacket but I like the baseball stripes. I think it livens up a plain black jacket. I am digging all the little details like the metal zipper pull, the unfinished edges on the shoulder seams, the striped accent tape on the inside of the zipper and neck, and the logo on the arm.  I don't think it's worth $98 but I like it. I really like the logo on the arm. Is Lululemon going for the Ever look? I didn't know Ever hoodies were only $110. I think I might get have to get one.
Ever Hoodie