Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newest Upload - New Tank: Run Energy SL & Run: For Fun Dress

Run: Energy SL Tank
Lululemon added a couple of surprises to today's upload - the Run: Energy SL Tank and the Run: For Fun Dress. Although I have an I Just Wanna Run tank I like this tank a lot. It hugs the model's curves nicely, especially in the back. I don't know if I will buy one because it is so similar to the I Just Wanna Run tank but I will definitely try it on when it hits the stores. I wonder if this tank will run as large as the I Just Wanna Run in which most people sized down one size. I just noticed the price was $58 where the IJWR tank was $52. I wonder what makes it $6 more. I would almost argue the IJWR tank is more detailed in design because there are two puckered seams in the front rather than the one in the back of the Energy tank. Hmmmm. I wonder, is the next version going to have puckered seams in both the front and back? We can look like we're wearing a balloon valance.

I Just Wanna Run Tank

Product Features of the Run: Energy SL Tank:

  • A light weight racer back great for warm weather running or a hot yoga class
  • Made from Silverescent™ is anti stink and anti static, moderating core temperature and inhibiting bacteria growth
  • Extra low armholes, and loose fit for ease of movement
  • Cinch the drawcord in the hem to keep it from riding up during your run
  • Pocket for cards or keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $58 (!?!?)

 Run: For Fun Dress
Running dresses don't do much for me but I know some people like them.I can't tell if the top is double layered or they just modeled it with a matching bra. The description says dropped armhole for movement and layer over bra so I suspect it doesn't have a built in bra but the double layered look is one reason it looks kinda cute. It's a hefty $98 so I don't know how great a deal that is if it doesn't have a built in bra and built in undies. If I see it in the stores, I'll check it out and give you more info. Confirmation was just posted on FB per the GEC that there is no built in bra with a double layered look. They paired it with the matching Flow Y in the photo. How stupid of them not to upload the matching Flow Y at the same time as the dress.

Product Info:

  • Technical running tunic, also great for tennis
  • Lightweight & breathable Silverescent™ has anti-stink and anti-static properties
  • Loose fit with dropped armhole for movement
  • Cinchable drawcord for customizable fit
  • Secret stash pocket for cards or keys
  • Layer over bra, shorts or tights
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $98
Other items uploaded:
The No Limit Tank was uploaded in black. It only goes to a size 10 - BOOOOOOOOOOOO Lululemon! When it came out in the stores last September it went to a 12. I guess I have a collector's item. All my product alerts said it went to a 12 so maybe the stores got 12s. If so, why not put the 12s on line? Luluemon's sizing schizophrenia drives me up a wall. Carry a full size range in everything like normal stores and stop effing around. It's really irritating as a consumer that they play these games. I also only paid $58 but I did think it was a bit of a bargain since it combined a Flow Y bra and a tank.

The Lavender, Passion, and Bubbilicious Cool Racerbacks have been uploaded. The White Denim, Passion, and a Lavender Define have been uploaded. The Lavender is eye-catching:
The Splatter Stripe Remix is uploaded:
Astro pants but no Astro crops have been uploaded (yet). The White Denim grooves, white and lavender wunder unders have also been uploaded.


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself lucky...the Canadian side of the website has not gotten any of these things uploaded...yet, we better get them too!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon...if the CDN side of the site's purpose is to keep my credit card firmly in my wallet, they've succeeded!

LuluAddict said...

Weird about the Canadian upload. Maybe the shipments didn't arrive at the Canadian warehouse. I know they stock them differently and don't seem to send things across the border because of the duty issues.

CJRun said...

I'm with you luluaddict on the $58 tanktop sans bra. Of course I didn't even think about it until you pointed it out. Lulu gets you good- you just come to expect the obscene pricing.

If I weren't wearing my lavender stride as I type, I would be seriously considering the lavender define. Just worried the white contrast stripes make it a bit too sporty. I wear my strides in my biz casual workplace- mostly to keep warm.

Otherwise, boring upload. I was really hoping for more colors in the No Limit, the Hot Yogi tank, and some new WWAs.

Susan said...

Wow the lavender define jacket is soo pretty. I have the define jacket in lagoon and love it. I'm heading to the States next Friday so hopefully I'll make it to a Lululemon store.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the my local store. I tried on the new Power Y pink stripe and did not like the way it looked on me. I have several power y's but this didn't look good. I did come home with a new Passion Define Jacket, passion CRB and groove crop with the passion stripe. I guess I was in the mood for passion! It really looked cute together. Also got another astro pant now I have 3. I had also got the lagoon Define jacket a couple weeks ago and really love it! Didn't like the No Limit tank on. It's too loosey goosey for me. I do like it on the models, it's adorable. Tried on the new Hot Yogi Tank in lavendar and didn't like it either. Too low cut and definitely runs small in the chest and very loose everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the lavender and white define jacket is already on ebay in multiple sizes for $140 + shipping? That peeves me to no end - esp. when the nicer products usually fly off the website within hours of being posted. Great - now I have to compete with profiteering jerks to get my lulu's which are expensive enough to begin with? All because I don't happen to live near a store?


Rinne said...

You guys were so lucky with the US upload! We never get awesome uploads like this on the Canadian side, which is sad because there are so many things you've listed that I would have ordered in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I don't believe we will be getting 50% of these things on the CDN side, but I will keep my finger crossed or possibly try calling GEC. I really love the look of those new CRBs and the lavender jacket!

Anonymous said...
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Michelle in Colorado said...

Dear Freber~
I, too, agree with you about the Ebay "prowlers" selling the already sold-out items. In fact, early this morning I put the Lavender/White Define jacket in my shopping cart on the US website, forgot about it, came back later, and of course it was already SOLD OUT! So just to see, I went to Ebay and sure enough, the jacket is already being listed at $41 above list price, plus shipping. I think we should inform Lululemon of this; for example, it can be against Ebay rules to post original photos from the websites. That might help stop these profiteers in their tracks! I, too, do not live near a store and am peeved at the low stock they appear to have re: the website uploads. I actually talked to a Lulu representative today about why there is such limited stock on the new stuff. She had no answer. I told her I would continue to buy from Zobha, hee, couldn't resist!

Anonymous said...

Re:Ebay -- often, some colors/styles are only released in either Canada or US, so be careful what you wish for -- you might not be able to get a color you really want!!!

Michelle in Colorado said...

Re: Ebay...I hear what you say, but I think it's more the ethics of it. People buying stock off the website and then selling it at an inflated price. Capitalism, sure...but a shoddy practice nonetheless. I just hope that Lulu decides to offer greater quantities of the more popular items, so that the Ebayers don't get to take advantage because there will be enough items at the regular retail prices to keep customers content.

Anonymous said...

If people stopped buying off ebay then we wouldn't have this problem.

There will always be new and exciting and cute stuff uploaded. Just because you missed out on one item doesn't mean it's the end of the world. RESIST THE TEMPTATION!

maybe everyone else just has more $ to spend on lulu than I do.