Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Pics and Lucy Sale

No Limit Tank Passion

For those of you who bought the No Limit tank -what bottoms are you wearing it with? The girl above has a pair of Still Pants on but I don't think that it's the best look with this tank since the leg is wide. The tank is so loose, I would think a closer fitting pant might look best.

Hot Yogi Tank
The Hot Yogi tank is made of Power Luxtreme on top and Sheer luon jersey on the bottom. A reader commented that it runs tight in the chest, as has been typical with the hot yoga tanks lately, with the exception of the No Limit. Bummer.

New Groove Patterns
I find this photo interesting because of the pattern on the right - the light gray vertical stripes. Is this pair of Grooves left over from last summer - because this was a print from last year:
This 3-Set tank from last year had the same light gray striped pattern. It also showed up in a Deep V and other tops but I don't have a photo of them.
Layer Me Bra
I saw the Layer Me bra in the store this weekend but I didn't even try one on. It only went up to a 10 and it looked tiny and so unsubstantial. 
Astro Crops in Coal/Bubbilicious - So cute!

Lucy has been having a big sale for a week or so now. I picked up a couple of tops for super cheap. I love Lucy for their sales. They carry Splendid and Pink Lotus/Green Dragon - both those companies manufacture their clothes in the US. This is what I got for $15 each (!).
Splendid Wrap
This is a very light tee shirt material wrap and super soft. It's not the perfect wrap but for $15 it's good enough. I would have preferred a darker color but they only had the white.
Pink Lotus Hooded Tunic
I also got this Pink Lotus Hooded Tunic with metal stud embellishments. I love tie dye tunic tops. I wish Lululemon would come out with a simple lightweight tunic top.


Tracy said...

the grey white pattern is silver dream stripe and it's on the inside of white denim wunder unders as well! love it and love the white, but don't love denim luon.

tried on and loved the layer me bra. especially since I find the huge swath of material on the flow y overwhelming on my frame.

pilatesmom said...

I wear my no limits tank with energize pants or wunder unders. I agree that because It is a "full" cut, it needs a close cut pant to balance it out.

Pattybea said...

You got me thinking on the no limit thing...I had tried them on with gray denim grooves and they looked fantastic. Just tried my passion no limit with my stills and actually it looks good, at least on me. I find it to be a pretty, loose/flowy looking outfit-exceptionally comfortable. Now, I am a bit smaller than the gal in the gal in the photo so maybe it hangs differently on me.

I am loving this top so much I just called the store and bought the black. These will be great for summer...our house gets incredibly warm and no AC here in Seattle. I would love for them to come out with a white still in the fabric like the charcoal static gray.

On another note, received my 2 stride jackets -- charcoal and passion. Both are being returned.

The pink stripe cuffs on the charcoal--I just can't like them. Also the zipper and hood ribbon is a very bright pink which does not match the muted pink of the bubblicious in the stripe. Also this color ran a bit larger.

The passion is just too much passion. I think the fabric makes the color even brighter than it actually is, if that makes sense.

Thanks for making me even more addicted than I already was :)

Anonymous said...

I've been wearing my No Limit with Wunder Unders...look cute together.

Krista RN BScN said...

For those who have the No Limits Tank... How do you find it fits in the chest area? I have a bigger chest, and am just wondering if it's even going to fit nicely...

Anonymous said...

how do the astro pants/crops fit...do you take the same size in grooves? or energize pants? I want to be prepared if they become available online!!!

RanaLC said...

ok i was so damn obsessed i drove to 2 malls (about 35 mins apart)!!!! i think only u guys will understand.... :) anyhow, first i bought the passion no limit tank @ promenade mall (they only had my size in passion... not in black, lavender or the lime, etc. & i had called them as they were taking the top out of the boxes... yes very obsessed) but i had honestly wanted black so i called scarborough town centre & they had it!! (yorkdale didn't pick their phone all day wtf?). love the staff at scar town they are so nice!

im so in loveeeee w/ the no limit tank! i hope they make even more colours! it's likely my all time fav top...even though it costs a lil more than a reg. lulu top ($64 cad)! i can't wait to test this out in hot yoga tomorrow :) i returned the passion no limit as i have a small belly & the black hid that flaw well! .... hmm should i go back and buy another lol don't answer this...lulu shopaholic here.

gonna wear it w/ my boogie on short, wunder under & groove pants.

remember to ask for inserts ! :)

the top is low/med support (i dun think some of us should be running in this). it's not that low... slight clevage (which is ok), sexy w/o showing too much, suitable for long or short torsos. u can adjust the length & u can do a headstand w/o tucking ur top in ur pants!

Pattybea said...

miss.krista--the sizing in the chest area would be similar to the flow y bra as that is basically the bra under the tank. Fit pretty true to size.

ginger said...

@missologist = you are not the only one.. whenever we go out of town, I always request to go to lululemon store, even if they are 2 miles apart, I still visited both store and always find something. My husband thought that I am such a nutcase, he said that it is the same store selling the same merchandise. I went to NYC and found savasanna scarf, one store had fruity tooty, but the ocean blue color was not available. So, I walked like 20 minutes to different store to get the ocean blue color. He asked how many scarf do I need, it's only a scarf. I told him that the color was different. If men could understand such these things..

lmhagood said...

Thanks for the Lucy tip...I ordered a couple of things...going to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Question... what's the difference between the Astro crops from last year and this year???

Debbie said...

About the astro pants, I tried on a pair yesterday (full length, not crops), I'd say same size as my grooves. The top was a little looser than my grooves, less binding. VERY flattering. The leg bottoms are more straight legged rather than flared at the bottom like on the grooves but otherwise, the fit is like the grooves. I held off on buying them thought because I feared that the top might sag when running/jumping.

Pattybea said...

The astro pants do not work for my figure...I need the flare of the groove to balance out my bottom half look--I am healthily endowed in the rear end department--for my size...

However, I tried the astro crop for the first time this year and it is a good crop for me...as is the gather and crow crop--I have large calves so a crop either has to hit me so it shows the whole calf or very little at the ankle. The astro crop hits me just at the bottom of my knee, I am almost 5'5" and wear a 4. The waistband is both adorable and comfy.

Lucia said...

I'm totally in love with Lululemon's No Limit Tank. Do you know of anyone who would be interested in selling it? I would love to have it any color(s) preferably in Coral in size 6 or 8.