Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Stuff In the Stores - Astro Pant, Go Lightly Pant, Flashback Short

Astro Pant

The Astro Pants are now arriving in stores. They look like a longer version of the Astro Crops from last May. I tried on the crops last year and like the lower waistband. The pants look like they don't bell out as much as the Grooves. Oh yeah, according to Facebook the Astro pants only come in a 35" length. Bummer for those who have to order the pant on line.
Astro Crop Colors

There is another new interesting looking pant showing up in the product alerts, the Go Lightly Pant.
Go Lightly Pant
I like the look of these. I really like my narrow leg Energize Pants and these look similar except they are cropped. I hope they are made of regular weight luon.
Go Lightly Pant Product Info:
  • All purpose, slim fitting, cropped pant
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon, hugs your body in all the right places with comfort
  • Low rise front with high rise back
  • Cropped length so you don't step on your pants during warrior
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement with comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
 Flashback Short - Yawn, another pair of short shorts

Gosh, I wouldn't mind if Lululemon made a pair of shorts that hit a few inches above the knee. All their shorts are either really short or below the knee. Something to consider, I saw a woman at my local store get her Still Shorts hemmed to a few inches above her, right below the logo. They looked really nice.
Still Shorts - Hemming to just under the logo is a good idea

Bold Blue Swiftly Tech

I just got a Bold Blue Run Swiftly Tech. Is this going to run on me? I can't remember if people have been having trouble with this color or not. I know Pow Pink is an issue.


Anonymous said...

the flashback shorts are gross, can you say camel toe! The BB swiftly tank does bleed.

Sparky said...

I totally agree about their shorts. They are way too short for my athletic lower half!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out how to get product alerts for weeks! Someone help...clearly I'm an idiot - is there somewhere I sign up for this?

pilatesmom said...

@anon: go to the home page of the store you want product notifications from and there is an email signup there.

Both the astros and the go lightlys look very nice. I got my energize pants in the tiny white/grey stripe and I adore them (already have the black and didn't care for the coal denim)

Anonymous said...

have you looked at the Lululemon Lab facebook page photos? They've got some interesting stuff ... some of it is ridiculously 80s, but they actually had an evening dress and a 50s inspired lingerie set that looked nice. I do wonder why Lululemon is making less and less actual sportswear - do they really think they'll make more profits in the casual clothing market?

Sparky said...

Can someone send me the link to the Lulu lab page?

LuluAddict said...

The fact that they are letting technical tanks fall by the wayside to make more casual wear and technical pants/shorts (simpler designs - fewer pieces, less stitching)leads me to conclude that there must be more profit margin in those items.

I've also read some older articles on Lululemon that state that 60% of people who wear Lululemon don't wear it for exercise. I think that is probably true more so for their Canadian customers for a couple of reasons: 1) These articles were from around 2006 or so before they began their US expansion. 2) The great majority of the time I run into other people wearing Lululemon here in Southern California is when they are going or coming from the gym/studio and they are nearly always wearing the technical fabric, luon.

I think it's a shame they seem to be concentrating on casual wear. I really love the technical wear. Lululemon's casual wear is ok but nothing special looking and for the money I think other companies have much cuter designs - Pink Lotus, Hard Tail, Da Nang, Free People, Ella Moss, Splendid, Ever - to name a few.

Sparky said...

I agree, the only time I ever see Lululemon being worn is at my bootcamp class or during yoga. I haven't noticed it much outside of exercise (I live in Southern California)

Anonymous said...

I live in SoCal too and I've only seen Lulu at the gym as well. I have a couple jackets from there but 95% of my Lulu clothes are technical wear. I would not buy Lulu if they started to only make casual wear - they really are not very cute and way too $$$

pilatesmom said...

I definately wear lulu for more than just working out. That said, the vast majority of time I'm either working out, teaching pilates or going to/from one of those two. Still, I do wear it pretty frequently when I'm not. The technical clothing is awesome but I also really enjoy the mix of "to and from" pieces. I think it is a great balance. I have to agree, the tank selection the past few months has been very meager.