Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Real Life Photos - Run Team Spirit LS & I Just Wanna Run

Run: Team Spirit LS - Chirp and Lagoon
The Chirp version is a bit see-through.
I Just Wanna Run - Tang Light

Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Life Photo - Lagoon Run Energy Pullover

Real Life Pics - Clarity Vest, Sway Jacket, I Just Wanna Run, Dance Studio Pants + Cute Dresses & Hockey

I Just Wanna Run SL Tech
I think it would look much cuter on this girl one size down. Too bad they didn't think to demo it that way. This tank is selling out faster in the US than in the Candian site. I think it's a super cute, unique top (even if it looks boxy on this girl) and kudos to the designer. This tank works well for bustier, curvier ladies (and people with poochy midsections  ;-)  ).

Sway Jackets
 I like the lightest (pic #4) and darkest Sway (pic #1 on left) jackets the best. Who the heck approved the version with the pink stripes on the shoulders (pics #2 & 3)? Honestly, the striped version is something that I would expect see at Walmart - just awful.

Clarity Vest - I just can't like it, especially at $98

Dance Studio Pant
Every photo of Dance Studio pants I see look super tight - split my butt in half tight - in the @ss, even on tiny women. Is that the design of the pant? They are cute enough pants, I just wanted to say the design seems to run super snug in the rear.

Since several people commented they were majorly underwhelmed by Lululemon's Two in One Dress, I went looking for cute summer dresses from some of their competitors. It wasn't hard to find cuter dresses for similar prices. Although their technical wear is top of the field, Lululemon really needs to up their game in the apres department. Plopping your logo on your nice fabric on dull or weird designs isn't going to cut it.
Hardtail Forever
Green Dragon

I know it's Off Topic but I really hope the US beats Canada in the men's hockey game on Sunday - Go USA!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Real Life Pics - Sneak a Peak Short, Sway Jacket, Pranotthana crop, Clarity Vest

Sway Jacket and Pranotthana crop from front - blah!
I think the stripes are what makes this outfit ugly and cheap looking because the back view is much better:

Much cuter from the back

Sneak a Peek Short - proportions all wrong
Good idea, bad execution. 

Clarity Vest - See Through!
This photo illustrates how see-through the Clarity Vest is. The new 1st 5 Minutes Pullover is made of the same, see-through material. These two items are way overpriced for what you get. Buyer beware.

Two In One Dress

Two In One Dress - Cute, Normal, Versatile - Wow!

Lululemon uploaded the super cute, normal looking, versatile Two In One Dress today. What is going on? No ruching, pleats, cowl necks, slits, or manifesto print plastered all over it. Just a nice, sleeveless tee shirt dress for summer in sedate colors at a not too insane price. Way to go, Lululemon!

Store Trip Report - Bought a I Just Wanna Run Tank, Tried on Astro Pants & Run: Team Spirit LS

I Just Wanna Run SL Tank - Lagoon

All the goodies uploaded today inspired me to make a trip to my local store to try on the I Just Wanna Run SL Tank again. I ended up buying one in Lagoon. I also bought it TWO sizes down from my normal size. I probably would have only bought one size down but the store was out of size 10s and I didn't feel like driving over to the other store or ordering on line. I have narrow shoulders and this tank runs so large in the armpits that it took a size 8 before the armpits and back fit right. The top as I bought it is a lot more form fitting than in the model photo but not skin tight because of all the pleating. I guarantee the model sized down at least one size from her normal size unless she has shoulders like a linebacker. I think the tank looks a lot better with a snugger fit. Everyone who buys this should size down at least one size.

I also brought my Aqua Striped Flow Y from last spring with me to see if Lagoon goes well (it does) with last season's Caribe, Gulf, Aruba, and Seaspray since I have a couple of bras, a headband and a pair of Grooves with those colors. This tank looks great with a Not So Deep V bra which fits almost perfectly under it. Only a tiny bit of the racerback peeks out on either side of the racerback of the tank.

I am looking forward to testing this top out in spin class.
 Aqua Flow Y from last spring

 I Just Wanna Run in Real Life - Tang Light
Run: Team Spirit LS
I tried on the Run: Team Spirit LS also. I liked it a lot but didn't think I would get enough use out of it since I work out mainly indoors and I am always too hot rather than too cold. The other reasons I didn't get one is that I don't care for the color selections. I'm not a huge fan of black silverescent because of the noticeable stripes of silver. The Chirp was too see through for me and I don't have any other Chirp items to match. Finally, and this is probably TMI but I know the Lagoon would showcase pit stains like no ones business.

I tried on the Astro pants while I was there because I wore a pair of Coal Be Still pants and I always like to try on tops with black pants. I like the Astro pants a lot but I thought the luon felt thinner than normal. I also thought this was the case with a pair of Grooves with the Lithograph Iris waistband I tried on at Christmas time. However, the Energize pants that I bought a month or so ago has regular weight luon. It's odd how Lululemon is going back and forth between luons. I wonder if it is deliberate or dependent on the factory the item is made in.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Alert Pic - 1st 5 Minutes Pullover

1st 5 minutes pullover - Product Alert Photo

1st 5 Minutes Pullover - Dressing Room Photo
Wow, the 1st 5 Minutes Pullover looks so much better in the Product Alert photo. Lagoon looks a lot more blue than it does in real life.  It's hard to tell but the pullover is nearly see through.

Run: For Fun Tech SS top - Lagoon

Tang Light Space Dye Define Jacket + More Product Alert Photos

Tang Light Space Dye Define Jacket

Yet another Space Dye jacket but good news, the Define also comes in Chirp.

I Just Wanna Run - Chirp

Team Spirit LS - Black

Photo of Tang Light & Lagoon Energy Pullover + Product Alert Photos of I Just Wanna Run and Run For Fun Tops

Here are some photos of the Tang Light and Lagoon Energy pullovers - they have the same gray striping as the white version. I don't know why they put racing stripes on most of these pullovers. It's not needed.

My Product Alerts said the stores also got solid black Energy Pullovers as well so if you missed them when they were on line you can get them now.

Here are the product alert photos of the I Just Wanna Run and the Run For Fun tops. Both run at least one if not two sizes too large.
I Just Wanna Run Sleeveless Tech Top - Also comes in Chirp

Run: For Fun Tech Top - blah

Oops, forgot about the Run: Team Spirit LS top:
Run: Team Spirit LS - Lagoon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Product Notice Pic - Devi Jacket

The Devi Jacket is a cute enough jacket. Since I like it, I know it'll be priced at some insane number like $175 for a simple windbreaker. I've been wanting to try on the Devi pant, too, but they haven't hit my store yet.

I hope it comes in this cute new plaid, Lagoon Checkmate:
Devi Jacket Product Details:

  • Layer this jacket over your work out gear during those cool morning classes
  • Wicking & quick dry swift fabric with 2-way stretch for total mobility
  • Barely-there, anti-stink circlemesh liner
  • Stow away hood
  • Waist drawcord for custom fit
  • Front pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Wear with the devi pant or crop for warm ups or to and from the studio

Product Notice Pic - Sway Jacket

It looks nice here than in the real life photos.

Sway Jacket Details:
  • Wrap yourself up in style and comfort during your yoga warm up and savasana
  • Made with certified organic cotton and spandex - natural softness and stretch for shape retention
  • Cowl neckline for added warmth
  • Back vent for mobility
  • Front pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and hands warm!
  • Preshrunk