Saturday, January 2, 2010

All Out Tank, Hot Class Tank, & New Pics of No Limit Tank

All Out Tank?
The Portland FB page has some photos up of new tanks. There wasn't any identification on this tank but there is speculation this is the All Out Tank. It looks interesting but a bit fussy in the cup area for my tastes. I'm thinking I'm not going to fit this one right - the cups look on the small side but I'll give it a try. It also looks like there is some sort of adjustable strap under the boobs. Why you would need that is beyond me. I like the thin racer back and the mesh panel in back. I'll have to try this on and report back.

There are some great photos of the No Limits Tank I bought back in early September. I just love wearing this tank when it's hot out.  I wore it to spin class this summer and felt so free.  It shows a little skin at the sides but I'm able to cover most of it upwith the strap of my heart rate monitor. I love that this tank is so different looking - very fashion forward yet you can sweat in it. I was hoping it would come out in different color combinations but it's the same as was released in September.

No Limit Tank Product Features:
- Push yourself to the limit in circuit class without breaking a sweat!
- 2 in 1 Tank - Luon bra that offers low/moderate support, loose circle mesh outer layer offers coverage and max airflow
- Wide waistband for comfort and fit
- Chafe resistant, flat-seamed
- $58 (when I bought it in September)

The last new tank is the Hot Class Tank. The top part looks very similar to the Bulerias tank but the bottom looks a bit flow-ier. I wonder if the material is that new luon sheer jersey the Sheer Delight Tunic is made of. One of the issues with the Bulerias is some people (those of us not built like twigs) found the bottom portion poofed out and made them look fat in the middle. My problem with the Bulerias was the top was cut too shallow for large breasted women.

Hot Class Tank

Bulerias in real life - too short in the boobs and poofs out over the belly 
Hmmm, I'm looking forward to trying these on. I'm hoping to visit my stores tomorrow or early next week.

PS - Here is another photo of the Cocoon Wrap in real life. She is a 4/6 and the Wrap is a 2. The jacket looks fine from the back view. However, this woman has a very nice shape under the wrap but this jacket makes her look huge through the shoulders and chest. The cut accentuates all the wrong things.


pilatesmom said...

All Out tank looks like a 1050's bra with a polar heart monitor strap pocket around the ribs. Yuck. I have the no limits tank and this it is very cute and stylish. Cocoon wrap looks TERRIBLE from the front.

Dori said...

I want the No Limits tank! Awesome top. Cocoon is not good. Who would look flattering in it??

Anonymous said...

Cocoon wrap is a train-wreck, definitely not one I will change my mind about like the Admiral Jacket. I am liking the Hot Class Tank, looks like my chest might actually fit in this! No-likey the No limits, to much attention to the boobs.

Marci said...

Blech, i like the pink tank at the back.. the bust reminds me of an Austin Powers femmebot.

houndlvr67 said...

YAY another Austin Powers fan!!! Where are the nipple pistols?

I was originally thinking that the seaming looked like a nursing flap, but now that you mention the Fembot analogy...OH BEHAVE!

Anonymous said...

Just want to mention this girl should not be wearing a size 2 which is why this cocoon wrap looks so terrible on her. She looks like a size 6. I've seen it on many people and it looks pretty wicked when worn in the right size and the collar done up the right way:)

Anonymous said...

I agree - the cocoon wrap is meant to fit true to size - people should not be sizing down in it. When you go down in size, the seams pull at the front, making it look bad. Try it on in whatever size you normally wear at lulu - i LOVE mine!! Especially with tights and comfy boots :)

RunningOnCoffee said...

i like the look of the all out tank, but i'm afraid it would not work well for high impact activities + 32D chest. i think my boobs would be 'all out'.

houndlvr67 said...

Ya...when worn in the right size it looks even more like a cut-off Snuggie. I'm tired of this look from Lulu...

LuluAddict said...

Snuggie - LMAO - you are funny, Laura. I agree, I'm not a fan of the shapeless jackets like the Cocoon Wrap and the other wraps. I don't want to have to "arrange" my jacket. I know I would catch a flap on a store shelf and rip the crap out of it.