Sunday, December 27, 2009

Run: Energy Pullover Hang Tag Details

I went to another Lululemon store today. This store had a ton of running stuff marked down but I ended up going home with my third pair of tall Boogie On shorts (I'm afraid they won't be made again) and a Flow Y IV in neon pink.  I was able to compare the Run: Energy Pullover to the Run: Hills Pullover side by side. I tried on the white Energy vs. the fruity tootie Hills. Based on my holding up the hangers against each other, I believe the Energy is about an 1" shorter than the Hills. The mesh body mapping is not the same. The Energy has mesh panels along the sides and on the underside of the arm. The Hills continues the body mapping up to the neckline in both the front and back. The Energy's collar is big enough to fold over to look more like a polo.  The Energy is definitely looser between the shoulders and top of the breasts at the armpit, the rest of the top fit the same as the Hills- snug all over.

Run: Energy Pullover Hang Tag Details:
- High Performance pullover for chilly morning runs
- Super soft running luon with inherent wicking
- Body-mapping anti-stink mesh for ventilation
- Cuffins for cold fingers
- Secure zip pocket for cards, keys, and sports snacks
- Flat seamed for chafe free resistance and comfort.
- $99