Monday, December 21, 2009

In Anticipation of December 26

Went to my local store today to see if a Faded Zap Cool Racerback showed up and to try on a Sunrise Tank but no such luck. I got to see Static Charcoal (STCH) in person on a pair of Wunder Under pants and really like it.  It's very dark, the print is very subtle, and very soft. Hopefully, my new Still pants in STCH show up tomorrow. They've been marked as shipped as of noon. The store didn't have anything new I hadn't seen on the website. They said they were expecting more running stuff but that is about it. I did my reconnaissance for Dec. 26th. I'm not sure exactly what will be marked down, but I'm ready.

I got to see the Dotty print in person - yuck. Very loud and chaotic. I saw the new Tracker Jacket. It's not bad but it sure doesn't move me to spend $98. The Tracker Jacket also comes in a solid Faded Zap. It looks like Faded Zap is going to be a signature color for Spring so I'm am keeping my fingers crossed for a Cool Racerback. For those of you who like Power Purple, the Gather Together jacket is available in that color. I saw the Wunder Under pants in Cement Space Dye - pretty wild. I ended up buying a headband in Persimmon and a pair of Technikini Mesh underwear. They are the only thing I wear for spin - no riding up, no bunching in odd spots like the Lulu hotshort. They are truly awesome underwear. Maybe I'll head to El Segundo tomorrow to see what they have on their racks.