Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ordered These, Too - Still Pants in Static Charcoal

I think I've written before that I am a huge fan of the Still and Be Still pants.  (I even own Still crops and shorts.) I really don't have a preference for either, I love them both equally. The Stills are wider through the thigh so they tend to feel more roomy than the Be Stills. I have three pairs and they are my everyday pants.  I like them much better than regular cotton sweat pants for one big reason - LUON.  Luon doesn't bag out at the knees or in the rear. The heavy weight of the luon makes the pants drape really nicely when you walk. I also love the breathability and wicking of luon. Even though it has a heavy weight it just seems to feel cooler wearing them than similar cotton pants. I never liked the organic cotton version of the Stills - they just felt hotter even though they were lighter weight (they also didn't drape as nicely). It's the same reason I don't buy the Lulu pants II - they make me feel too warm for the climate here in Southern California. Or, it could be I have just become too accustomed to wearing luon all day, every day so everything else feels odd. ;-)

Anyway, I have become a lover of the Static color series so I ordered Stills in these. Static is such a great alternative to solid colors.  I know Stills came in heathered charcoal but I much prefer Static and the similar Dark Classic Sport Gray.  I am hoping this is the same material the educator showed me in the Gather and Crow crops the other day - silky and smooth. I was going to head out to see Static Charcoal in person again but I really want to avoid the malls this weekend. Maybe on Monday.

PS - Oh yes, I should add I don't use Still pants for workouts. At all. I wear them like the model - on the baggy side. The pants are pretty wide in the leg and there is a lot of excess fabric. Sometimes my feet get caught up in the pants as I come down the stairs at my house so I can't imagine trying to workout in them. I think I would find even weight lifting annoying in them with all the material flapping around my legs as I move from machine to machine. I don't do yoga on a regular basis but I would still choose a snugger fitting pant like Grooves or Extend pants for those activities.  The leg is so wide the pant would slide up your leg in inverted moves anyway.  I buy Still pants so I can enjoy the comfort of luon outside the gym without putting additional wear on my real exercise pants in non-exercise activities.  I do like them for casual walks, like during sight seeing or touring theme parks. However, I don't recommend them for hiking unless you are very careful not to sit on rough surfaces or snag them on branches.