Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Stuff on Website - Liking What I See So Far

 Power Y - Multi Dotty Print

Multi Dotty Print - Close Up

The Multi Dotti print looks kinda cool from the small photo - very Roy Lichtenstein with the dots. I'm liking these modern art inspired prints much better than the Hamburglar-inspired stripes.  Has anyone seen it in stores? One of my product alerts seems to indicate they had some Groove pants in this print.  The same PA also had a print called Generation Electric Manifesto - any idea what that looks like?

Power Y in Bold Blue

I like this color. I saw some New Blue stuff in the stores and liked it but I think I'll like this even more since it seems to be a little purple-y. I sense a new addition to my Cool Racerback collection...

It looks like they have a denim version of Bold Blue, too.

Bold Blue Denim Wunder Under Pant

What other goodies will they upload? This is going to be dangerous for my wallet....

OK, maybe not so dangerous yet... more uploads....

These are just insane. A little of this print goes a long way.


Sidewalk Space Dye - A Space Dye I might actually like

Run Brisk LS in Running Luon - Nice!