Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bought It!

I ran down to the store this afternoon and got the Deep V Lithograph Iris. They had the entire range of sizes so I think they just put them on the floor.  No 14s, though. I've noticed the 14s were missing in the last few Deep V colors to show up, like Power Purple. The educators seems to think the 2s and 14s will be moved to on-line only. This makes sense since the size extremes are often on the markdown racks.

I also saw the Scoop Neck Bra in the iris print. I wonder if a Scoop Neck tank will also be coming? I think I would still pick the Deep V because of the ipod pocket and mesh back panel. I saw the white iris tee shirt but not the coal. They also had new Empower Crops in black with the silver manifesto print at the waistline - very nice. There were several new color combos of the Persistance Tank. I saw the Special Edition Remix Hoodies in the Snowflake print but can't see buying them for Southern California where the average temperature in January is in the upper 60s.

I think I need to get the matching Iris Groove pants now, and, of course, a headband.