Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Newest Purchases - Another Run: Sport Henley and Tall Boogie On Shorts

Side-by-Side Comparison of Silver Manifesto and Silver Stripe Run: Sport Henleys 
 I visited my other local Lululemon today and got the Silver Stripe Run: Sport Henley. Although I am a bit bored of all the striped patterns coming out of Lululemon, I really like the silver stripe version. Maybe because the contrast between the two colors is the most subtle of all the patterns out there. The stripes do make me look very Boobtastic, however.  That is one of the drawbacks (benefits?) of wearing narrow stripes while having a big chest.  I will be selling my silver manifesto Sport Henley. My husband hates it (and he usually likes most everything I bring home from Lululemon) and I feel like a walking billboard wearing it.  I would probably like it better it was the Swirl or Enchanted version of the manifesto but this one is the one straight off the posters and tote bags. I am hoping to like some of the other pullovers coming out in the near future.
I tried on the Silver Manifesto Swift tank while I was there. My poor opinion on the Swift has not changed. I do not think it offers maximum support at all, especially when compared to the Athletic Deep V.  The luxtreme straps have too much give compared to the regular luon. My quickie bounce test puts the hold at medium at best.

I also got another pair of Tall Boogie On shorts in black. I got a pair in Nightmarket blue a couple of weeks ago for $20 and have been waiting for the black to be marked down but broke down and paid full price for the black ones since I think they will be snapped up before they are marked down. I rarely pay full price for any shorts but I love these shorts that much. The girl at the store told me a lot of women like the longer bike length shorts. She thought the Boogie On Talls ran longer than the Reverse Groove Talls.  I don't know why Lululemon doesn't offer a bike length short on their website. Not every woman wants to wear shorts so short they pratically show off her lady parts.

Oh yeah, the Gym Pass Holder has been re-priced to $8 at my store. Will the website follow? Of course I got one in hot pink. I can always use more luggage tags.

Oh yeah, the Black Stir Up Pants have been marked down to $49. We all knew that was going to happen.

I love of all of these! But I know I won't really get any use out of them.The Pow Pink is really bright.

Nice detail shot of the Run: Track and Field Jacket.

I was so tempted to get this today but don't really have a use for it other than lounge wear / street wear. Plus, your experiences with Vitasea make me leary of paying full price for it. Maybe it'll hit the markdown rack but I'm won't hold my breath. It's a pretty cute top, even for large chested ladies.