Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bye, Bye, Ombre Trail Tech - I'll Miss You....sniffle, sniffle

I am selling my gorgeous Trail Tech in the Razzmatazz / Hydrangea ombre color to help offset all my recent Lululemon purchases. I love the color of this top but it is too warm for me to get much use out of. I wish Lululemon would make more luon / luxtreme tops with this transition color scheme instead of pirate stripes and ugly Space Dye.

You, too, can look like the Hamburglar (or a Pirate)!

Hmm, not liking the new B&W "Gaze" print much. 

Boogie On Shorts - Great Short!

I just picked up a pair of Tall Boogie On Shorts this weekend for more than 50% off.  Unlike the shorts in the photo above, the Tall version has an inseam of 9.5" which makes them bike length on me - hitting a few inches above the knee (I'm 5'5"). Lululemon's regular length shorts typically have an inseam of 5" or less.  From the photos, the Reverse Groove and Rock Out shorts look like they have an inseam of about 7". I have tried on the Tall versions of  the Reverse Groove shorts and seem to remember they are probably in the 9" range, too. I'll have to remember to measure them next time I go to the store. I have a few Tall versions of the Relaxed Fit short and they have an inseam of 7" so the Boogie On Tall have been made extra long. If you are too shy to wear Regular length Lululemon shorts or running skirts, try looking for the Tall. The difference isn't that much in the rise but the leg length may move you more into your comfort zone. The 9" is also a much better length for spinning. Even the educators at the store tell me they prefer to spin in crops because the regular length shorts ride up.

I had been looking at the Tall Boogie On Shorts for a while, waiting for them to be marked down with the change of seasons. They are a great simple, light weight, super-comfortable body hugging short.  Even though the tag doesn't say it, the luon seems to be the thinner, lighter weight version.  I have a pair of older hot yoga shorts that are very lightweight and these seem similar. The waistband is pretty much a piece of 1.5" of elastic that is brushed soft on the inside. There is no pocket but a little loop to hook your keys to. If you are looking for a longer compression-style short, try the Boogie On Tall version.  The Tall Reverse Grooves would be similar but the Boogie Ons are lighter weight and feel lighter at the waist without the double bands of color.  I hope the website starts carrying Tall lengths in shorts soon. It's hit and miss to find Tall shorts when you go to the store but, as always, dig through to the bottom of the piles - that's where the good stuff is.

Product Features:

  • Volleyball, Bikrams & tennis short!
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • 4 way stretch fabric
  • Brushed waistband elastic provides comfort & support
  • Coolmax gusset designed 4 sport