Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Love for the Batwing Tee

The more I see the Freedom Batwing Tee in photos on various educators the more I like it. It comes in Charcoal and Black in addition to Fruity Tootie. I think I need to visit my store this weekend.

Run: Track and Field Jacket and Pant - Nice!

There is a matching jacket to the Run: Track and Field Pant. It looks promising. I'll have to check it out when it hits my store. On the other hand,not loving the stripes on the leg on the bright blue version of the pants. Both come in a solid black.

Competition Jacket - Stripes. Ho Hum.

This is the new Competition Jacket. Based on the photos I have seen, it doesn't do much for me. It looks rather boxy on these girls and I do not like the stripes. All in all, it is very generic looking and not at all head-turning which is what I require if I am to pay $100+ for a jacket. It also seems to pooch out in the belly where the pockets are on nearly every photo I've seen it in. I wonder if it's made to go with the Rock Out pant which has stripes up the inside of the leg. However, I do like the longer length and it does come in solid black. I'll have to see what it looks like in real life but as of now I am underwhelmed. Next.

Stir Up Pant in Real Life - Not Bad, Except for the Stirrups

Just for laughs, I tried the Stir Up pant on this weekend. It was not nearly as ugly as I thought it would be. And, not nearly as ugly as it is on the website as the photo above shows. The pleats don't look that bad at all and I might even consider buying a pair except for the fugly stirrups at the bottom that bunch up the pant at the cuff. The pants run really long. I wonder if you can have the stupid stirrups cut off and have the pants hemmed in a normal way? They would actually look nice with a straight leg.

Cozy Up - Garish in Person

A lot of people ooo-ing and ahhh-ing on the Facebook sites for these two versions of the Cozy Up Jacket. However, in person the colors are much brighter and the black printed areas look rather garish. I did not like them AT ALL. They photograph a lot cuter than they are in real life. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Update - Changed out the photos that illustrate my point better. The jackets in these photos look more like they do in real life - very bright and ugly.

Lululemon "Featured" In.....Wait for it...... Playboy Yoga!!!

I don't know how long she stays in her clothes, but on the front page, the model is sporting Lululemon apparel. Too funny. Thanks to YogaDork website for this find.