Monday, August 31, 2009

Wunder Under Pant Model - WTH?

Does Lululemon really think this photo of Wunder Under Pants *helps* sell pants? Why do they continue to use this model? Is she Chip's daughter or something? Find a decent model already.

Lulu Bomber - Totally Cute!

The new Lulu Bomber jacket almost makes me want to move to a colder climate so I can wear it. I love the big buttons!

Product Features:
  • Classic bomber fit with all the function of a technical softshell
  • Water resistant 2-way stretch fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Brushed fleece inner layer for added warmth
  • Super high collar keeps your face warm or folds down for style
  • Zipper pockets to secure your cell phone, cards, and keys
  • Back pleat for mobility while driving your car or scooter
  • Yours always - tag your name in a permanent marker!

Black Edging - Yawn

Lululemon is edging a lot of tops in black this fall. I find it very ordinary and not worth shelling out top dollar. Where are the eye-catching prints? Is the fall collection designed by the junior designers to give them experience? Last fall also had some pretty ugly tops and that fugly Fig color (grayish lavender). Remember the Alluring tank, the Sirsa tank, and the Fitness Tank? (Search this blog for the reviews on these.) I'll be sitting on the sidelines waiting for something eye catching to induce to me pay full price.

Bulerias Tank is $58 ?!?!

Lululemon just listed the Bulerias Tank on line. The price is $58. It seems a bit steep since the highly engineered Athletic Deep V goes for $54. I look forward to trying it on but it will have to pretty awesome for me to shell out $58.

  • Loose and flowy- this tank is perfect for dance, yoga or everyday activities
  • Combined luon & luon light for maximum support & comfort
  • Low/medium support tank w/ built-in bra
  • Hidden hem drawcord can be cinched keeping tank in place during activities
  • Longer length provides bum coverage
  • Wear this with your Wonder Unders or Boogie Shorts to class