Monday, August 3, 2009

Beating The Heat With Lululemon - Favorite Strappy Tanks

My husband recently mentioned to me our July air conditioning bill was surprisingly low considering how hot it had been. One reason may be because I wear Lululemon around the house on hot days (ok, every day) and can keep cool enough using only ceiling fans.

My two favorite tops to beat the summer heat that also look good as street wear are the Twisted Tank and the Conditioning Tank. They have built in bras with cup pockets which help eliminate a layer of clothing yet give you adequate coverage. Additionally they are also low support so they are super comfortable and don't squeeze your ribs.

Another great tank for hot days that is at the top of my list of tops to get is the Sequence Tank shown pictured above. The Sequence Tank shows a lot of skin and is extremely low support so I wouldn't classify it as street wear (frankly, it could double as a bathing suit) but if you are looking to keep cool, it's a good one to check into.

Lululemon also makes a number of strappy tanks in organic cotton. I have to be honest, I do not find the organic cotton tops very cool compared to those made of the technical fabrics like luon, lullure, and luxtreme. I have a Move Tank which is made of organic cotton. Although Lululemon's website says the top is designed for hot weather and hot workouts, I find the fabric heavy and not very breathable at all, particularly in the midsection. Don't get me wrong, I like my Move Tank a lot, but when the weather is heading towards the 90s, it is not the tank I reach for first.

The Conditioning Tank is made of Lullure and has a Circle Mesh back for optimal breathability. It almost feels like you are not wearing anything. It is a low support tank with adjustable straps and a built in bra with cups. It is loose fitting in the middle and has a gathered bust to make the most of your charms. It is very lightweight and wonderful for hot summer days.

The Twisted Tank is the top I wear out to dinner a lot. The website says it is made of luon but I think it may be a lighter version or even lullure since it is so buttery soft and breathable. The girl on the website wears it very loose but you can safely go down a size in this top and still have it fit loose through the midsection without the bra cups becoming too small. I've gotten a few product alerts with the Educators modelling these and not one has worn it as loose as the website model. It also has a elastic string at the bottom so you can cinch it up.

The Sequence Tank is not on the website but it may be in your local stores. You can also call in the GEC (Guest Education Center) and order it. I really like this tank. It is very low support but made of circle mesh and is super light weight. It feels like you are wearing nothing. It has drawstrings up the sides so you can cinch it up to aid in cooling.

Sequence Tank Details:

- Too shy to wear just a bra - this is the tank for your Hot yoga practice
- Fabric on bodice panel treated with an anti-stink finish
- Sideseam gathers for a personalized length & ventilation
- Mesh/WDW bra construction for optimum breathability & comfort
- Soft brushed elastic for added comfort
- Chafe resistant - flat seams

Conditioning Tank Details:
  • This tank will definitely keep you cool during your workout
  • Wicking/quick dry lullure fabric offers you coverage while circle mesh bodice will keep you cool
  • Straps can be worn 2 ways - x-back or regular
  • Mesh/WDW bra construction for optimum breathability & comfort
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
Twisted Tank Details:
  • Some like it loose - adjustable strap tank with a relaxed cut
  • Front bust detail adds fullness to the bust for the less endowed
  • Hidden hem drawcord can be cinched so it will stay in place during activity or for a different look
  • Low open back keeps you cool
  • Longer length provides bum coverage
  • Wear this with your Wonder Unders or Boogie Shorts to class
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric