Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ta Ta Tamer - Now in DD

Lululemon's on line store has the Ta Ta Tamer up to a 36DD. I tried this bra on a few months ago when it first came out but I swear the one I tried on was a D. The cups were not deep enough. I'll have to try on a DD and see if it is better. The on-line store will carry up to E cup eventually. It has a 3 -hook closure and padded adjustable straps. It would be great to have a super supportive bra that comes in colors other than white, black, and beige.

  • Tames your favorite girls without smooshing them down!
  • Designed specifically for the B+ to D(ish) cup for high impact sports like running
  • Removable cups and adjustable straps to customize your fit and support
  • 4-way stretch power luxtreme has inherant wicking and a high Lycra content for maximum support