Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Try on Review - Ta Ta Tamer Bra

I'm a larger busted lady - 34DD. I've tried on the Ta Ta Tamer and it did nothing for me. In fact, I thought it smooshed me down and gave me an awful silhouette. My favorite Lulu bras are the Deep V and the Lift and Separate (although my Flow Y III & Cool Swift are also pretty great) but when I really want the girls to be strapped in and looking their best, I used my Donna Karan underwire sports bra.

Lululemon should design for women past a D cup. Don't they know American women have been spending their home equity money on boob jobs these past few years? Also, I think the horomones in milk and meats are making young women a lot more busty than I was when I was in my teens/early twenties.

  • I tame, separate, & shape your favorite girls - you shouldn't have to sacrifice shape for support
  • Strategically placed non-stretch panels to maximize your support
  • Moisture wicking for maximum comfort during your workout
  • Lycra to hold my shape & keep you looking great