Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On-line Shopping Site Is Up Early. Verdict? Underwhelmed.

The online shopping site is up a little early. They really don't have too much, especially in the way of tanks, jackets, and especially running tops. The Lululemon facebook site discussion boards says they'll have more stuff as they go on. I hope so.

The layout is a bit weird - multiple large photos of the same style in different colors leading you to think the selection is larger than it is. The color selection is limited - black and white, blues and greens. Where are the pinks and oranges from earlier in the season? No underwear or headbands at this time. The old site is completely gone so you can't even look at all the cool stuff they left off the new site.

There is an extremely limited tank selection. Only the Athletic Deep V (up to size 14), Tri Y, Conditioning Tank, Movement Tank, Ujjayi, Move Tank, and the Shade Tank are offered. Where is the regular Deep V (I'm not a big fan of the straps on the Athletic), the Whisper let alone the newer tanks such as the Gather V, Action, etc?

For shirts, they show the Signa (yay it's back) and the Run Swiftly Tech. Where is the super light tech stuff with the perforations, i.e., Circuit Tech & Track Tech?

For jackets all they show are the Shape, the Bomber (I don't even think any of my local stores carry this), and the Remix Hoodie. Isn't the Remix kind of heavy for spring? Where is the new Sanctuary?

For pants, the Groove, the Be Stills in Black (I didn't know I was supposed to wear them so low!), and the Wonder Under Tight. Where is the recently brought back by popular request Hip Pant?

The selection of crops is a lot better - Groove Crop, Boogie, Clam Digger, Groove Down, Extend, and the Be Still Crops. Even better - the Boogie and Extend crops are available in the hard to find in stores size 14.

For bras, the Deep V, Lift and Separate, and the Flow Y which is pretty much all you need but color selection is limited.

Shipping is a very reasonable $5.95 via Fedex Ground (to my SoCal address anyway).

For all the hoopla and the nasty April 1 trick, quite disappointing. Athleta & all the re-sellers on eBay won't be losing sleep over this.

In Summary:

The Good:
- finally on line
- hard to find size 14s available
- reasonable shipping charges
- like the little videos explaining products features
- Signa shirt is back

The Bad:
-extremely limited (style and color) selection except for crops
- hardly any running tops
- confusing layout
- some of the models (one model?) have a very visible camel toe in the close up photos - apart from the ick factor it's not a good advertisement for the Lululemon crotches that are not supposed to split you in half

Suggestions for improvement:
- fix the confusing layout - use one big photo per style and then little photos that blow up to regular size for the various colors/patterns.
- identify tops/pants material - is it made of luon, light luon, lullure, luxtreme, etc. For example some of the 3 Set Tanks came in all Luon, some in Lullure and Luon, etc. - Different colors/patterns may use different material.
- explain the fit of pants & crops (in the stores they arrange tightest to loosest fit: wonder under, hip/fit, groove, extend, still, etc.)
-show photos of layering tops with bras
- use some bustier models