Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Not To Sell a Pair of Pants by Lucy

OK, Lucy, why would I buy these pants if they look so bad on your model? She totally has a polterwangish crotch going on and the angle the photo was taken gives her saddlebag thighs. These pants just don't fit her right.

Boob Booster - Another April Fool's Joke?

Just posted on the Lululemon website - The Boob Booster.

So, the Lululemon folks have assured me that the Boob Booster is not a joke. I asked them to dig up a photo of an actual person wearing it. I just can't envision wearing it if you have large breasts and I can't see needing it if you have small breasts.

What tops would you wear this over? I just got a 3 Set Tank which is low support but I can't see how this would look good. Maybe it goes over the dance tops. Hmmm.

Update - The Lululemon Athletica Facebook page just uploaded a video of someone wearing the Boob Booster. For some reason, the video is in Spanish. Even though I don't understand much Spanish beyond mas cerveza por favor and a few swear words, I believe the video can be translated as - you can only pull this off if you are SMOKIN HOT.

  • Have the girls ever felt flat and lifeless in their sport tanks?
  • Boost their mood with this overtop of tank lifter and supporter piece
  • Made to be worn with our low support tanks - this piece will provide added support for those more intense workouts
  • Front clasp makes it easy to get on and off
  • Soft elastic straps make it comfortable while providing max support
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric

Damn You, Lululemon!!! I want my e-commerce site now!

Lululemon has been touting their new e-commerce site which was to launch today. However, if you click on the site, you'll get the most amateurish website I've seen in awhile. It's all an April Fool's joke since the real site launch is April 15th. It's worth scrolling through for the funny write ups and photos of some pretty fugly workout wear.

Ha ha - now hurry up and get the real site on line!