Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oooh, tie dye!

Look what showed up on the website today! Did I not just post about wishing Lululemon offered tie dye prints like Hard Tail and Pink Lotus? Cool!

Romp "Her"

Hmmm. I guess I applaud Lululemon's willingness to try new things but maybe they could try bringing back favorite classics like the Spark Tank and the old version of the Extend pants without the saddle ass instead of straight-to-markdown stuff like this. How do you go to the bathroom without plopping the top part in the toilet?

  • A yoga 1 piece that is no fuss
  • Stretch, twist, move & turn without showing too much skin!
  • Snap closure hem for individual adjustment
  • Built-in shelf bra with pockets for removable cups
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Certified organic cotton yarn was used to make this fabric
  • Preshrunk

Try on Review - Track Tech

The Track Tech is the latest short sleeve shirt in Lululemon's running line. I own a couple of the previous models - the Sunrise Tech and the Interval Tech - and I love them. It is made of stretchy, lighweight, breathable Silverescent. You wear your own bra underneath it. It is a very pretty shirt, cut to emphasize your curves but loose enough to aid movement and air flow. It has mesh panels on the upper back and midsection for cooling. A great shirt for when you want max cooling but not maximum exposure.

  • Lightweight performance top for your toughest workouts
  • Anti-stink & anti-static
  • Silverescent™ using X-Static, the silver fibre
  • Mesh paneling for extra air flow
  • Hidden pocket fits your credit cards perfectly
  • Preshrunk
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • Wicking