Monday, February 16, 2009

Ujjayi Tank - Pretty Good

I haven't given much love in the past to the Ujjayi tank. I've picked up a couple lately for less than $20 and for that amount I can like it quite a lot. The good things - unlike its predecessors, the Power Y and the Power V, it has nice, thick straps which don't cut into your shoulders and actually provide decent support. It also has a mesh panel down the back for cooling with a handy little pocket at the bottom for your ipod. It is long - down to your hip bones. It also has cup pockets for the bra cookies. It also happens to come in a lot of great Lululemon prints (see a gorgeous example at the left) and color combos.

The only negative is that it is cut too low in the armpits for me. My solution is to wear a Flow Y III bra underneath (essentially the Ujjayi in bra form, with thick straps and mesh back) so I don't feel too exposed. Since the Ujjayi has a built in bra, I am doubling up on support, which I see a lot of women do with their Deep Vs, but I prefer not to. However, it works for the me in this case. I really like the open back for hot days or intense cardio activities like spin. All in all, I might pick more if the price is right.

  • A practical tank for yoga or the gym
  • Binding straps across back keep open back while providing support
  • Mesh panel insert provides ventilation & storage
  • Carved racerback shape to allow full range in movement w/o irritation
  • Mesh/WDW bra construction for optimum breathability & comfort
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink