Friday, January 16, 2009

Not So Low Tank*G

Lululemon updated their website with about six new tops and the local stores sent me their New Arrival Alert emails with tons of new stuff so I trotted off to the local stores to check them out. I ended up getting a top that is not pictured on their website (but I found a photo of one that sold on eBay) - the Not So Low Tank*G.

It is a very nice lightweight tank that is great for cardio. The armpits aren't too low so there are no side boob/armpit fat issues and the top is scooped which is great for cooling but not too low where I am flashing major cleavage at the gym when I bend over. There is a lot of nice bust detail - darts and stitching and a contrasting perforated under layer (similar to football jersey material) so it almost looks like you are layering tops. It has a built in bra with cups. The straps are nice and fat. My dressing room bounce test put the level of support at about a medium. Mine is in an eye catching high energy hot pink and raspberry stripe pattern but the store also had it in solid navy with a black under layer and solid black.

I tried on some other new tops which I'll review later but I have to say I don't like some of the new colors -Mac N Cheese (bright, really bright, Did-I-Mention-It's-Bright yellow) or the Snorkel Blue Gingham. However, the Senorita Pink & Crystal Pink are very cute, as is solid Snorkel Blue (sky blue). Bruise is a dark purple. White and Coal is white with a very pale grey stripe - very pretty.

Bitchfest Time Out

Dear El Segundo Lululemon (or as you like to pretend in your email alerts "Manhattan Beach" even though you are physically located in El Segundo),

Don't send me a new arrivals email alert if you haven't already put the stuff out in the store. I don't care if you have 40 boxes of new stuff in the back room, don't tell me you have stuff available when you really don't. I don't appreciate making a special trip to your store for nothing.

Also, your staff could work on being a little friendlier. I know I am at the larger end of your size range but your store does sell size 10s & 12s so you should value my patronage just as much as your size 4s and 6s.


I'll Spend My Money in the Other Local Lululemons Instead of Yours