Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lulu Hot Short

The Fashion Island Lululemon had Lulu Hot Shorts on sale for $4 each, a spectacular savings from the normal $14 per pair price. I picked up half a dozen pairs since I love everything Lululemon. I have the Techni underwear and really like them so I thought I would try these which are made primarily from cotton. They sit very low in the back so the band does not show if you are bent over on some weight machine or on a spin bike. They are extremely comfortable and provide full coverage so need to adjust developing wedgies when on the spin bike. If they are still on sale next time I go back I'll get a few more pairs.

Fit Pant

Lululemon had a bunch of stuff marked down right after Christmas and I was able to pick up a pair of Fit Pants at 30% off. As a bonus, the pair I got has Razzmatazz pink piping so it will match my new Lulu Seamless tee and Zip UR Whisper.

The fit pants are a nice, simple pant and I like them more than the Groove Pant. I got a pair of Groove Pants from ebay but they had too much of a flared leg at the bottom which tripped me up. I might try the Groove Pant straight leg if I ever see a pair on sale but Grooves rarely go on sale unless they are some hideous color like toothpaste green.

The Fit Pant has a much narrower leg than the Groove Pant and a slight flare at the end. It fits very close to the calf. I like that it has a smooth, wide waistband without a drawstring so there is no bulge or seams showing through an overlapping top. The other nice thing about Lululemon pants with non-drawstring tops is that they tend to flatten one's tummy. They have an extra panel of fabric that has a light Spanx-type hold. The Groove pant and crops are the best at this since they a waistband with two rows at the top. The Fit Pant has a side seam up the leg which is unique among all my Lululemon pants, probably because these were designed more for cardio than yoga. A nice feature that is becoming standard on all their pants is a built in pocket in the waistband for money, gym pass, or an ipod.

The pants are comfortable and they will become a permanent part of my gym wardrobe. The Groove pants are back on ebay where they will find a new home.