Monday, November 30, 2009

New Stuff on the Website

Groove Pant with B&W Lithograph Iris Print

Lululemon uploaded a few new things this afternoon. Here are the Grooves with the Lithograph Iris print. Unfortunately you can't see much of the print from their photo but from what I do see I think I am going to like it. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Deep V version.

Update - I think I found a pair of the Iris Print Grooves for sale on Ebay. The photo shows a lot more of the pattern. I really like black and white prints. These are a couple of older print Deep Vs I sold. I hope the new Iris will be a worthy replacement.

 Keep Me Cozy Vizor - Cute!

I like the bright colors of the Keep Me Cozy Vizor. I don't think I can pull off this look, however.

 Lucscious Pocket Tee - Good for Maternity Wear?
Now that I put a hole in my BBB Racerback longsleeve tee I'll be in the market for another Lululemon tee shirt. The Luscious tee won't be it, though. I'm not really into pockets in the belly of my tee shirts.

Silver Manifesto Swift Tank
I'm just not a fan of the Swift Tank. It's just so utilitarian and boring. I didn't think the hold was really maximum as they claim, certainly not as good as the Deep V. Maybe they've beefed it up since I tried it on when it first came out but I'd rather wear a Deep V. Lululemon should make a Scoop Neck version using the Silver Manifesto print, that would be sharp.

There is another new Scoop Neck that came out in the stores that didn't make it to the website yet - the Black Embossed Manifesto with a white collar. It's pretty sharp looking and probably my second favorite manifesto look after the Cool Racerback version.

I see the I Am Great Totes have been re-priced down to $58. I hope they are giving price adjustments to the people who paid $88. That bag was so overpriced for the size and material.

One more item I think I might get - the Brisk Run Neckwarmer.

Brisk Run Neckwarmer - Lululemon is great at thinking of uses for their luon scraps

It's just a piece of brushed luon but it's a great idea and will work well with my Run: Sport Henley. The henley has a pretty wide neckline which is great most of the time, especially when you are working hard, but when the wind hits it is nice to have a way to cover up your neck.  I hope it shows up in the stores in other colors like coal or black. Fruity Tootie and Ocean Blue are kind of bright and don't match with much.

Brisk Run Neckwarmer Details:

  • Keep warm during your cool morning runs!
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric - brushed for warmth!
  • Moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry.
  • Also perfect for skiing, biking, and snow shoeing!
  • Made in China
  • Content: 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra® Spandex
  • Size: O/S
  • $18

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My New Hat - Run: Distance Hat * Mesh

This is the hat I got yesterday.  The brim is a little smaller than my older Run: Distance Hat and the top is all mesh. It feels super light. The second photo is a close up of the manifeto print on the side of the hat - it's very cute. The website is all out of this hat but the local stores may still have them. I had to have them take this one off a display. The hats are rather pricey at $28 but sometimes you find them on markdown, particularly if they are a pale or non-neutral color.

Run: Distance Hat *Mesh Product Features:
  • Featherweight weather protection for your head!
  • Street style fit with angled brim so it won't blow off when running
  • Wicking fabric with mesh paneling for ventilation
  • Zip pocket secures $ and keys
  • Reflective piping so you are visible
  • Adjustable back for perfect fit
  • Write your name on it so you know it's yours
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • Learn more about this hat! Our blog artist Liz takes the Distance Hat for a test drive!
  • $28

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thinking of Crossing Over to the Mens' Line for this Top

I love the simple look of the men's Run: Freestyle Pullover.  It's made of the super soft and cozy running luon and has a hood. I think it might be nice to get an XL so it is roomy for layering. I have to try it on next time I am in the store. It's also $10 cheaper than the ladies Hills Pullover.

Anyone ever buy the men's stuff for themselves?

Men's Run: Freestyle Pullover Product Features:

  • Super soft high performance base layer for cold weather
  • Running Luon® provides inherent quick wicking properties
  • Body-mapped with anti-stink circle mesh
  • Fitted hood to keep the wind out
  • Longer length that won't ride up
  • Secure pocket for your belongings
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • $88

Black Friday Report

It pays to get the product alert emails. One of my local Lululemon stores offered a grab bag goodie to the first 50 people in the store on Black Friday. It turned out to be gift cards marked with a % off regular priced merchandise or a gift with purchase. I got a 10% off. I heard another woman say she had 15%. It worked out well for me since I was picking up another Run: Spirit Pullover for my sister, this time in Bright Blue. I also picked up a Run: Distance Hat for myself in Coal. There were no special markdowns for Black Friday other than what had already been marked down and those were pretty much the first markdown only, i.e., $39 for Deep Vs and other tanks.

Speaking of markdowns, Remix Lulu Light Hoodies are marked down to $69. I think they overstocked on these for this area. They also have a large selection of regular Remix Hoodies in stock now. We'll see how well these sell. Most of the ladies in front of me in line waiting for the store to open were in their 30s and 40s. When I am out and about, I never spot anyone wearing Lululemon hoodies. Most of the ladies in Orange County wear either surf hoodies like Roxy or Volcom or status hoodies like Da-Nang, Juicy, or Twisted Heart. I think the American Lululemon market, or at least my local Southern California market, from what I have observed is dominated by women in their 30s and 40s. Honesly, who else can afford $100 workout pants?

I did try on the Run: Hills Pullover in the photo above. I love the look of the silver stripes and white. This version is made of luxtreme with cool mesh body mapping inserts. I  love this top but I really can't justify it since I don't run. However, now I know I would like the Run: Sport Henley in the silver stripe pattern. Hopefully, the website will get it back in stock.

I Am Great Tote: Repriced at My Local Store

I did see something interesting, however. The store I went to had all their I Am Great Totes repriced at $55. They didn't have markdown stickers on them, they had new price stickers. $55 seems a much fairer price for these bags since they are so small.  I spoke to the checkout girl about them and she seemed to think they were re-priced because of the size. I see the website still has these bags at $88. It could be a local thing. I'll have to make a note to check the other Lululemon store I visit regularly.

There is also a new floral print coming - lithographed iris. I saw the Groove pants in black and white with black lithographed iris. The girl told me tanks are following soon - A Scoop Neck and something else but I can't remember what. From the tiny bit I could see on one half of the waistband of a Groove pant, the flower looked a little like this print:

The girl at the counter told me the winter line is going to be a lot of hot pink, black, and white combos. That's fine with me. I love the Good 'N Plenty color scheme.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Brand is This?

From a clip of an upcoming episode of Cougar Town where Courtney Cox and her friend are getting ready for spin class. I wonder what brand of workout wear this racerback top is. It's cute.

Update - I saw the same top in a Dick's catalog - it's a Nike. That means it'll fit like crap and shrink up - no thanks. :-(

Competition Jacket vs. Gather Together

Competition Jacket:
  • A lighter weight jacket to layer over your yoga gear for hatha to flow
  • Made of power luxtreme for quick wicking
  • 4 way stretch
  • Pockets to stash all that you need
  • $138
Gather Together Jacket:
  • Keep cozy during your warm up in this longer length, hooded luon jacket
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Longer length covers the bum and pairs perfectly with tights
  • Pockets to stash all that you need
  • $128
As I've blogged, I recently bought a Gather Together Jacket and love it. It's going to replace my Shape Jacket as my to & fro jacket.  The Competition Jacket is very similar style but made of luxtreme. What I can't understand is why is costs $10 more than the GT jacket. Is it because of the fabric? I have to say although I like Luxtreme a lot I do not think it is as durable a fabric as luon. I once caught my arm on a sharp edge at the grocery store while wearing my Shape jacket. I gave myself a big bruise and a scratch but the jacket didn't have a mark on it. No pull, no tear, no hole. I was shocked. I own a lot of luon and it holds up very well. Every now and then I'll get an item, usually in a color other than black, that seems to pill up quicker than most but it's pretty rare.  On the other hand my non-luon tops in luxtreme and lullure (not to mention silverescent) seem a lot more fragile. I've had a few luxtreme tops that I didn't wear often and they developed small pills or pulls pretty easily. Knowing the way I stuff my jacket in my gym bag when I'm working out or throw it on the seat of my car, I just can't see taking a chance on a $138 Luxtreme jacket.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Photo of Majestic Cool Racerback

Here is a quick photo of my new Cool Racerback in Majestic. The other two tanks are Power Purple and Raspberry.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wear With All & Feel Good Pants Real Life Photos - Cute!

Here are a couple of photos of an educator modeling a pair of Wear With All Pants. They look cute on her. She must be a couple of inches tall than me because mine bagged up quite a bit at the bottom. It's not like I'm short - I'm 5' 5". I still don't like the cuffs but if you tuck these pants in a pair of Uggs know one will see them.


Here are a couple of photos of an educator modelling the Feel Good Pant. She's a twig with thin thighs so of course they look good on her. I really like my Static Feel Good Pants but I was insane to pay $78 for a pair of extremely casual looking sweatpants I wear only around the house.  The zipper rattles when I walk and keeps opening up on me but they are so soft and comfortable I forgive these problems.   I want to know what color Cool Racerback she is wearing, it's gorgeous.


I tried on a bunch of Lululemon's cotton tops last weekend. I liked the Luscious Scoop Neck Top a lot but it's just too expensive at $68 for a plain tee. The fabric is nice and soft but the style is nothing special to justify the price. I'll pay big bucks for Lululemon's technical fabrics like luon and luxtreme and highly engineered tops like the Deep V but I am leary of paying full price for plain designs in cotton stuff. I'd rather get Green Dragon or Hard Tail stuff for the same price.

Inky Manifesto India Yoga Photo Print - Close Up

I seriously considered getting the Scoop Neck Tank in the Inky Manifesto India Yoga Print but went with the Cool Racerback in Majestic instead.  I just didn't like the photos of the people in the print. For those of you considering this print, I've posted a close up.

I also tried on the Wear With All pant. They weren't that bad on. I don't like the cuffs but the gathering at the bottom didn't look awful. I don't think they are as soft as the Feel Good pant but they seemed to fit a litle looser through the thigh and leg. They run long so they will bunch up at the bottom which I think is as odd design decision on Lululemon's part. I thought all Lululemon's regular length pants were supposed to be sized for 5' 6" and below but the latest batch of pants seem to be sized for people at least 5' 8" and above. I might get a pair to knock around the house once they hit the sales rack for at least 50% off.  If I had to choose between the WWA pant and the Feel Good pant, I'd choose the Feel Good.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wear With All Pant - Rather Silly Looking & Majestic Purple - Gorgeous

I hit a couple of Lululemon stores today. I saw the Majestic purple Cool Racerback. Majestic is a totally gorgeous color! It's a very dark purple, even darker than Lolo purple. It's probably like an eggplant purple. I would have bought one but they were out of my size. I will be on the hunt for it now. I wish they had it on line so I could order it.

I saw the Pow Pink Cool Racerbacks, too. They are very bright, very very bright. People will need sunglasses to look at you bright. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I didn't get to try on the Wear With All Pant but thought it was rather silly looking on the hanger. It might be as comfortable as the Feel Good pants for all I know but it is ugly looks-wise. It is another narrow leg sweat pant that has gathers on the calf and narrows down into a ribbed cuff. It reminded me of toddler jammy pants.

Wear With All Pant Product Features:

  • A sassy sweatpant with a skimming fit for your warm up, running around town or those long travel days
  • A mid rise pant with a smooth waist for comfort
  • Our own blend of cotton FRENCH TERRY has stretch so it won't bag out!
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when you wash me!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Admiral Jacket - Bwaa haaaa haaa haaa

The new Admiral Jacket is ridiculous. It must have been designed when Michael Jackson died.

On the other hand, here is a really cute jacket:

A Define Jacket in Black and White. I am loving this jacket. I'm not a fan of the Define that much. I like the style but the seaming in front is a bit showy for me. However, this version is freakin' awesome. Lululemon should put this one on their website.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Wearing Report on Passion Crop - Good for Spin!

I wore my new Passion Crops to spin class this morning. I really like the shorter length. My whole calf is bare which helps a lot with cooling. The lower rise is also nice for spin. Higher rise pants often dig into my middle when I am bent over the bike so a lower rise very comfortable. My only nit is that the band at the bottom rides up when you walk and cuts into the back of my knee.  I don't exactly have skinny legs so if you have thin legs this may not be an issue for you.  When I was on the bike or sitting in the car it didn't bother me at all, it's only really noticeable when you are walking or standing still. If you are going to get these, I suggest walking around for a bit when you try them on to see if the band will bug you.

Product Features:

  • Low rise knee length crop for mid-season running
  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme for muscle support and wicking abilities during fast-paced runs
  • Strong elastic waistband with internal drawstring for added support
  • Body-shaping flatlocked seams
  • Rib hem that stays in place
  • Side zipper pocket to secure your cards and keys

New Deep V Designs

Some interesting new Deep Vs showed up this week in the product alerts. The first is the Gaze print in black and white stripes. I don't think I like this. Lululemon could market this to lady refs or female Footlocker employees.

I think I like this one much better but I still don't know if I would buy it. I skipped the whole inky manifesto thing last winter. I'm not really keen on people reading my shirt as I work out.

Update: The Scoop Neck is also available in the Inky Manifesto. I think I like it better than the Deep V.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bye, Bye, Ombre Trail Tech - I'll Miss You....sniffle, sniffle

I am selling my gorgeous Trail Tech in the Razzmatazz / Hydrangea ombre color to help offset all my recent Lululemon purchases. I love the color of this top but it is too warm for me to get much use out of. I wish Lululemon would make more luon / luxtreme tops with this transition color scheme instead of pirate stripes and ugly Space Dye.

You, too, can look like the Hamburglar (or a Pirate)!

Hmm, not liking the new B&W "Gaze" print much. 

Boogie On Shorts - Great Short!

I just picked up a pair of Tall Boogie On Shorts this weekend for more than 50% off.  Unlike the shorts in the photo above, the Tall version has an inseam of 9.5" which makes them bike length on me - hitting a few inches above the knee (I'm 5'5"). Lululemon's regular length shorts typically have an inseam of 5" or less.  From the photos, the Reverse Groove and Rock Out shorts look like they have an inseam of about 7". I have tried on the Tall versions of  the Reverse Groove shorts and seem to remember they are probably in the 9" range, too. I'll have to remember to measure them next time I go to the store. I have a few Tall versions of the Relaxed Fit short and they have an inseam of 7" so the Boogie On Tall have been made extra long. If you are too shy to wear Regular length Lululemon shorts or running skirts, try looking for the Tall. The difference isn't that much in the rise but the leg length may move you more into your comfort zone. The 9" is also a much better length for spinning. Even the educators at the store tell me they prefer to spin in crops because the regular length shorts ride up.

I had been looking at the Tall Boogie On Shorts for a while, waiting for them to be marked down with the change of seasons. They are a great simple, light weight, super-comfortable body hugging short.  Even though the tag doesn't say it, the luon seems to be the thinner, lighter weight version.  I have a pair of older hot yoga shorts that are very lightweight and these seem similar. The waistband is pretty much a piece of 1.5" of elastic that is brushed soft on the inside. There is no pocket but a little loop to hook your keys to. If you are looking for a longer compression-style short, try the Boogie On Tall version.  The Tall Reverse Grooves would be similar but the Boogie Ons are lighter weight and feel lighter at the waist without the double bands of color.  I hope the website starts carrying Tall lengths in shorts soon. It's hit and miss to find Tall shorts when you go to the store but, as always, dig through to the bottom of the piles - that's where the good stuff is.

Product Features:

  • Volleyball, Bikrams & tennis short!
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • 4 way stretch fabric
  • Brushed waistband elastic provides comfort & support
  • Coolmax gusset designed 4 sport

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mad for Manifesto!

The Run: Sport Henley in the Silver Manifesto print showed up late Friday morning pacific time and sold out today in both Canada and the US (it was gone by Sunday in Canada).  So glad I ordered it when I did.  Sometimes it pays to have Lulu OCD and check the website every couple of hours  ;-)  !

Manifestos are some of the most popular prints Lululemon offers so I thought I would post some of the more recent releases.

Embossed Manifesto
One of the most unique looks Lululemon has is an embossed print. This is an example of an embossed Manifesto but I have a Shape jacket with another embossed print on it.  I love them!

Magic Mani Print 
So cute! Why can't Lululemon make some tanks and shirts in this too?

Enchanted Manifesto Print 
Ditto for making tanks and shirts in this one.

Inky Manifesto

Manifesto Swirl


Dark Night Scribbler
Not really a manifesto but since it has "Lululemon" in big writing I'll include. It's so cute!!! I would love some tops in this!

Three Print 
This looks like it has some Magi Mani in it. I don't think this print ever made it to the US, or at least not to a store near me. It's very pretty.

Any others I should include? I've only been collecting Lululemon for a couple of years so the earliest manifesto I remember seeing in the store is the Inky Manifesto from two winters ago.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

" Running" Luon - More tops in this, please!

The newest version of the Run: Hills Pullover comes in a "running" luon. I tried it on today and fell in love. It has a matte finish and is super soft - like a chamois. It's so soft you could make pajamas from this fabric. It felt very breathable and lightweight. I would love to see more long sleeve tops in this fabric. I like the Run: Hills Pullover style but think it is a bit too much shirt for my needs with all the body mapping and seaming. I would love to see a simpler long sleeve shirt, more like the Run: Sport Henley or the Run: Swiftly Tech, in the running luon fabric to use as a base layer for cold weather walks or as overlayer in a chilly gym.

Bought One - Gather Together Jacket Embossed Manifesto

Although I didn't need another jacket, I caved and ordered one of these today. I thought Free Shipping was ending but it looks like Lululemon has extended it indefinitely. I tried the Gather Together on today at the store and really, really liked it. The fit and look reminded me a lot of the Wear With All Jacket except the Gather Together is made of luon and the WWA is French Terry.  I'm 5'5" and the jacket came to below my rear. I have been looking for a long luon jacket in black similar to my Deep Navy Yohari and now I have found it.  It has nice big pockets to drop your sunglasses into (that is one of my peeves with the Shape jacket, my sunglasses won't fit in the exterior pocket) when you head indoors. It has a big ribbed cuff along the bottom that is very forgiving to those of us who don't have narrow hips like the model in the photo. It also has a two-way zipper for further ease of movement. The sleeves are extra long and have thumbholes. The best thing is that is looks great hanging open. I thought the fit was very forgiving and ran on the larger side.

Product Features:
  • Keep cozy during your warm up in this longer length, hooded luon jacket
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Longer length covers the bum and pairs perfectly with tights
  • Pockets to stash all that you need
  • $128

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Does a Cold Weather Half Marathoner Buy? A Run: Hills Pullover for a Start

My sister was recently in town on business and of course I took her shopping at Lululemon. She lives in Oregon and does half marathons. She is barely 5' tall so it makes buying pants challenging but she was loving the Lululemon running tops. She bought a Run: Hills Pullover. She loved the cuffins, the front zipper, and the zipper pocket. Even though she is petite this top looked really cute on her - the seaming and color blocking enhance the female figure. The luon seemed extra soft and thick on this top, maybe it is brushed?

Run: Hills Pullover

  • Sleek and sporty high performance pullover for interval training or race day runs
  • Super soft running luon with inherent wicking properties
  • Snug close-to-body fit with body-mapped anti-stink mesh panels
  • Cuffins for cold fingers
  • Zipper guard eliminates chin irritation
  • Zipper pocket for cards, keys or music
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • Preshrunk
  • $99

She also bought a Run: Spirit Pullover in Fruity Tootie.  She also tried the Power Purple but the black panel on the back of the Fruity Tootie has a slimming effect (the Power Purple is solid).

For a bra, she got the All Sport Bra, the bra version of the Swift Tank. Check my older posts for my Try On review of this bra.