Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Praise of Deep Navy, Try On Reviews, and Other Thoughts

The change of seasons is a great time to pick up bargains on the markdown rack. Lululemon's fall collection is starting to arrive in the stores now and the leftover spring and summer stuff is getting marked down by a serious amount. Over the past few weeks I have been accumulating pants in Deep Navy and coordinating tops in Mac N Cheese Yellow and Deep Navy Amica Stripe pattern. So far I have bought the Groove Down Crops, Groove Down pants, a Deep Navy Stripe Flow Y bra which I pair with a 3 set tank in yellow, white and navy, and Athletic Deep Vs in yellow and another in the navy stripe. All items were 40-50% off. Today I picked up a Yohari Jacket in Deep Navy with Snorkel Blue gingham accent for nearly 50% off! The Yohari is a great jacket - loose fitting and long enough to cover your rear. It also looks great with jeans.

Deep Navy is a great color; it makes a nice change of pace from wearing black all the time and it's dark enough to camouflage butt sweat. I am psyched to see it is making a return on the Fall/Winter palette.

I also picked up a Lulu Gym Bag tote in Bon Bon red for 30% off. I loved this tote when it first came out. It will be great for the beach and as an all around tote.

Try On Reviews

HOT SET BRA. A bandeau style bra designed for hot yoga. I thought it was very comfortable but it was too small for my boobtastic chest. I wouldn't mind seeing it in a size 12 and perhaps a little longer with thicker straps for us larger chested gals. It was flying out of the stores I visited.

RUN ULTRA PANT Great pair of technical pants for running or walking. Very light and comfortable.

TARTAN! The Lululemon website shows a Remix hoodie in a green tartan but my store had Wonder Unders and Groove Pants trimmed in that color, too. I can't wait to see what other tops pop up in this print - so fun!

Wishes for the Fall Season

* I hope some new Athletic Deep Vs show up soon in interesting prints and great colors. Deep Vs are pretty much sold out everywhere.
*I cannot wait to see tops in Chili red. I also love Potion Purple, Power Purple, and the fall teals, Stitch and Oasis.
* I hope the 3 Set Tank comes back in new colors. I have two of them and love to pair them with a coordinating Flow Y bra for extra support. The 3 Set Tank has a classic cut, is very comfortable, and makes great use of large blocks of color.

Yohari Jacket Product Features:
  • It can be a jungle out there, but this jacket will get you to your class in style
  • Semi-fitted jacket shows off the best and moves with you
  • Longer length covers the bum and pairs perfectly with tights
  • Deep pockets to stash your stuff in
  • Waist drawcord and elastic keeps the jacket in place
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Zipper guard keeps the zipper end from irritaing your chin
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
Hot Set Bra Product Features:
  • Get set & ready to go to hot yoga in this bra!
  • Made with power luxtreme
  • Three hooks to adjust straps as you choose
  • Light & anti stink circle mesh bra
  • Soft exposed elastic for ease of movement & comfort
Run Ultra Pant Features:
  • Lightweight warm-up pant for track days
  • Swift fabric with 4-way stretch for total mobility
  • DWR finish to protect from light rain
  • Back vents for ventilation
  • Soft wicking waistband with drawstring & elastic for support
  • Zipper pocket to secure your cards & keys
  • Hidden front waistband pocket
  • Hem drawcord can be cinched at ankle or knee to keep the mud off
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Try On Review: Freestyle Tank - Meh

I tried on the Freestyle Tank this weekend in the print shown above (blue space dye). To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with this tank at it's full price of $52. The style is similar to the older Repose tank but the version I tried on seemed to be made of lighter weight luon and frankly it felt kind of cheap to me. Also, when I checked out the built in bra construction, typically one of Lululemon's strengths, it didn't seem to be as elaborately constructed as my other newer tanks. In most of my other medium support tanks, the built in bra is built like a serious piece of sporting equipment with lots of layers of material and stitching. The Freestyle tank seemed like a throwback to Lululemon's older styles, found in the Spark and Repose tanks,where the bra is a basic shelf bra consisting of an extra flap of material and piece of 1" elastic to secure it all. For the past couple of years, the built in bras have been much more elaborate with mesh cup pockets and a 1" piece of elastic with 6 rows of stitching for fortification. The heavy duty construction of Lululemon's built in bras is one of the reasons I am willing to fork over $52 for something I only wear to the gym. The new Freestyle Tank has a very simplified built in bra in addition to very plain styling (there are no real design details (other than mesh straps) like you find on other tanks like the Scoop Neck or Free Ya Tank). Perhaps people have complained that the newer bras are uncomfortable and the Freestyle was an answer to that. I hope that is not the direction Lululemon is going with its built in bras. At full price, I will pass on this tank but I might consider it once it hits markdown rack.

PS - If this was Lululemon's attempt at updating the classic Repose Tank, please bring back the Repose intact. It is one of my favorite tanks.

  • A classic tank for any sporty activity
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Medium support tank
  • Mesh straps have that barely there feeling
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • Tank has cup pockets

Try On Review: Free Ya Tank - A Winner

If you are in the market for a strappy open-backed tank, take a look at the Free Ya tank. This tank is very flattering with an a-line cut and longer length. There is lots of detail at the bust and Lululemon hasn't posted the cutest version of this tank - black with a contrasting white 3 Print at the bust which I was able to try on at the store. It's hard to tell in the photo but the shoulder straps are really two straps overlayed on top of each other. The bottom one is sewn in to the garment but the top attaches via hooks. The girl at the store told me you can cross the straps but I didn't try it on that way. This is a lower support tank so there is only a 1/2" strip of elastic in the built in bra instead of the 1" in the more supportive tanks. If I didn't already own a bunch of strappy tanks (I already have the Twisted, Gather V, 3 Set, and Movement tanks), I would totally get this one.

  • Free 'ur back with this wide scoop back tank
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Low/medium support tank w/ built-in bra
  • Adjustable strap that comes with it's own pocket to keep u'r strap inside u'r tank
  • Bra has pockets for cups

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ta Ta Tamer - Now in DD

Lululemon's on line store has the Ta Ta Tamer up to a 36DD. I tried this bra on a few months ago when it first came out but I swear the one I tried on was a D. The cups were not deep enough. I'll have to try on a DD and see if it is better. The on-line store will carry up to E cup eventually. It has a 3 -hook closure and padded adjustable straps. It would be great to have a super supportive bra that comes in colors other than white, black, and beige.

  • Tames your favorite girls without smooshing them down!
  • Designed specifically for the B+ to D(ish) cup for high impact sports like running
  • Removable cups and adjustable straps to customize your fit and support
  • 4-way stretch power luxtreme has inherant wicking and a high Lycra content for maximum support

Friday, July 3, 2009

Freedom Tank

How cute is this tank? It's just a basic tank but the cut looks very flattering and funcitonal. I also love the Fatbird Floral print in B&W. Looking forward to trying this on when it hits my stores.

Product Features:
  • Gotta have it for gym or everyday layering!
  • Shelfless construction allows you to pair with a bra of your choice
  • Made with Vitasea
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • It's also preshrunk!! Nice.
  • $42

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Parachute Gym Tote, Embracer Tank III, & Boogie Crop Love

Parachute Gym Tote I went to Lululemon to check out the new Parachute gym tote (shown above). I was thinking of using it as a purse for an upcoming trip to New York City. It's a great bag but huge. If my kids were still babies, I would definitely consider using it as a diaper bag. Very stylish & comfortable to carry. It doesn't scream "gym bag." The outside is made of cleanable nylon and the interior has a water resistant liner with lots of pockets.

Embracer Tank III One of my local stores had an Embracer Tank III in an electric orange color. I'm glad to see they brought back the Embracer from last summer. It is one of my favorite tanks. (If you search through my earlier posts you'll see a review of the Embracer.) The III version was made of luon whereas both of mine are made from the lighter weight luxtreme or lullure. I'm hoping the new Embracer III comes in some pretty prints like last year. It is a longer scooped neck and low scooped back tank with thick straps. It also has a mesh stip with ipod pocket down the back. Very simple and feminine. You wear your own bra under it.

Boogie Crop Love I know the Boogie Crops are one of Lululemon's core styles but I've never bought a pair until a couple of weeks ago. They have become my new favorites. They are very simple but have a very flattering design - the crops hug your legs until your knees where they bell out very attractively. However, the best part is they have a split up the back of the calf until just below the knee. This not only makes your calves look slimmer but adds a nice cooling factor. There really isn't any seaming that shapes your butt or a double waistband that helps hold your belly in like Groove Crops, these are just nice simple mid-rise crops with a drawsting and a waistband pocket that are super comfortable and flattering.

Action Reaction [Attempted] Try On Review Oh yeah, I attempted to try on the Action Reaction bra, Lululemon's "most supportive bra." I couldn't even get it over my head! Not only does it only go up to a "10" but it is woefully mis-sized. I read comments on Lululemon's facebook page that a Lululemon employee who normally takes a size 4/6 in their tops had to get the 10 (!) in the Action Reaction. WTH? Lululemon should bring back the Swift/Cool Swift Bra. It was a shelf bra with a crossover back that was very supportive and comfortable, even for a DD like me. They also should consider bringing back the Flow Y III with the thicker straps. The skinny little straps on the current Flow Ys offer very little support.

Other Notes Lots of markdowns on Groove Down pants and crops, not to mention Athletic Deep Vs, Gather Vs, 3 Set Tanks, Conditioning Tank, and other stuff. I have been cleaning up on Athletic Deep Vs and Groove Down Crops and Pants (3 tops and 4 pairs of pants lately). If you live near a store, you should check out the sale racks. I have a feeling a new season of stuff is coming in soon.

Not really loving what I am seeing in the neons (at full price anyway) and am hoping some pretty new prints come along soon.

Parachute Gym Bag Features:
  • Extra large tote to carry all your gear to the gym or the beach!
  • Parachute Gym tote
  • Keep your sweaty gear in the removable, water resistant, washable pouch!
  • Interior pockets for your Blackberry, iPod, and more!
  • Exterior zipper pocket for your quck grabs!
  • Water resistant liner wipes clean easily.
  • Tested to hold 50 lbs.
  • $68

  • Boogie Crop Features:
    • Slim all purpose crop w/ flare
    • Elastic waist and drawstring
    • Made with luon, our signature fabric
    • Chafe resistant- flat seams
    • $76