Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Version of the Deep V On the Way?

Lululemon has a photo of tops in the new neon colors on its website. Although I recognized the other styles in the photo this one kind of stumped me. Is it a new version of a Deep V with a mesh panel insert or just a Flow Y layered underneath a Deep V? Or something new altogether? Time will tell, I suppose. It would interesting to see a Deep V with a mesh insert. I know a lot of ladies don't like to show as much cleavage as a Deep V reveals. Though this style intrigues me, I don't know if I'll be buying anything in neon. Neon brings back memories of big hair, acid washed jeans and fake nails painted neon orange. Although I said I wouldn't buy Groove Down pants and crops and now I have three pairs. If the price is right....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Random Thoughts: Bar Method, Neon,Tequila Sunrise, the Lulu Gym Bag, and Bad Luon?

I tried a Bar Method class for the fist time yesterday in Hermosa Beach. It was fun (and brutal). As I've read Bar Method is ground zero for Lululovers. 80% of the people in the class had Lululemon on. It was interesting to sit in the studio and later downstairs people watching at Coffee Bean thinking I've got that...I've tried that on...I need to get that. Bar Method was a neat workout but I don't know if I need to pay $22 a class for a workout I could get on a DVD. My gym membership is only $27 a month. However, there are benefits to taking trekking all the way to Hermosa Beach. It a good excuse to escape the kids, get some girltime in with my friend, and people watch the eye candy in HB.

While I was in the South Bay I stopped at the local Lululemon store to browse the racks. They had a lot of neon in. The colors are very bright. However, since I am no longer in my 20s as I was the first time neons were big back in the 80s I'll pass. However, the new Tequila Sunrise color is just gorgeous. The store only had a Flow Y in the color but I am looking forward to seeing what else comes out in this color.

I also must put out some love for the new Lulu Gym Bag pictured above. It's totally cute and not too expensive, around $45-48 or so. It is a big tote with a plastic interior with lots of pockets for laptop, cell phone, ipod, water bottles and more. It would make a cute beach bag. I've seen it in two colors, the red manifesto and a aqua blue (frisby?) version. I like the style of the bag but I hope it comes out in other prints since I'm not in love with the manifesto.

This store also had Groove Down pants on sale for $79. I found some in size 14. I never knew they made Grooves in 14. I only thought the Boogie and Extend Crops came in that size. I got a pair of basic black and white Grooves for $54 (they were mismarked- score!). They had a lot of other pants marked down for great prices - Hip Pants for something like $59 plus lots of other styles in all sizes and lots of black. They had a lot of tops at $39 and a couple of Deep Vs and Tri Ys in the larger sizes for $24. I was so tempted to get more but I have two ADVs and 3 Tri Y/Ujjayis already.

I read some comments on Lululemon's Facebook site about issues with changes in luon fabric. People were complaining it seemed thinner, stretched out, and didn't wear as well as earlier versions. I haven't had any issues except for one pair of Relaxed Fit Crops I bought in Teak Brown last summer. I got them on sale and the luon was definitely lighter weight than normal luon. I thought it was a special summer weight version although nothing was indicated on the tag. I hardly wore them and they pilled up (on the top of the waistband of all places) worse than any of my older pants. I ended up selling on them on eBay.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Newest Lululemon Purchases - Bargains!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up an Athletic Deep V in Mac 'N Cheese yellow for less than half price. I visited a couple of Lululemon stores today in search of mark downs and new headband colors.

Although I didn't love the Groove Down crops at full price, at the markdown price of $59 (regular price $86) they're much more attractive. I got a pair in the persimmon/ kiss stripes pictured above. I must have six tops that will match. The only bad thing is that there is no ipod pocket in them.

I also got another Athletic Deep V tank in Persimmon/Kiss for nearly half off. I am waiting for the Gulf Undulation print Deep V to be marked down.

I wanted to try on the new Action Reaction bra but I couldn't even get it over my head. It goes to a size 10 only and runs really tight. The material is the same as in the Heartbeat tank.

I am dying to try on the Stratus Crop but my stores haven't gotten them yet. I didn't try on anything else since a lot of the newest stuff only goes to a 10 or I haven't been moved by the styles / prints / colors. There is one cute new print in Silver Dream Stripe / Fatbird but it only comes in the Twisted Tank and I already have one. I like white prints but they tend to yellow under the arms. Lululemon has been making a lot of organic stuff but the organic cotton is pretty heavy weight. That's good for durability but it makes it too hot for summer days here in SoCal. Perhaps the Lululemon designers should come live in SoCal for awhile. A lot of their stuff is designed for the cooler Canadian climate.

I am starting to get to the point where I really have too much athletic wear. How do others manage their Lululemn obsession? I assume people sell the old stuff on eBay.

It'll be interesting to see what the summer collection looks like. The girls in the store said they were expecting a bunch of neon stuff.