Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBB Racer Longsleeve & Miscellaneous

After reading about Lululemon's stock recent two star rating and huge build up in inventory I trotted off to one of my local stores to see what had been marked down. I bought a ton of stuff from the spring line and am waiting to see what shows up for summer but am always willing to bottom feed for the stuff I didn't love at full price. I tried on a few things and was about to leave with a marked down Satvic (?) bra (@ $19!) but then I spotted a BBB long sleeve Racer in solid Cove Blue for $29. They also had the red and white striped one shown in the photo above for the same price. Lululemon is currently selling this for full price on its website. They only had a couple of these shirts and luckily they were in my size.

Other Comments/Observations:
Stuff I tried on: Extend Pant II - The store I went to had them marked down to $49 (from $96) and was about to ship them out to the outlet. Even though I have the original Extends, which I love, I tried these on since they were a steal. I can't say I liked them at all. I (and everyone else) hate the saddle (or baboon) butt. The original Extend Pants have a panel down the side of the leg that seems to help shape the thigh. The new ones don't have this at all and it plainly showed. Additionally, the luon seemed lighter than normal to me. I'd rather save my money and pay full price for Grooves with their Spanx-like shaping properties.

I nearly bought a Movement Tank in Seaspray to go with my Gulf Groove pants but I don't love it enough to pay full price for it. I have a couple of Embracer Tanks from last summer which are very similar to the Movement Tank so I'll wait for it to go on sale.

Power Y Coming Back: Why is Lululemon bringing back the Power Y? The Tri Y is a pretty nice replacement now that they fixed the side boob issues of the Ujjayi. The thicker straps don't dig into my shoulders and offer a lot more support than the Power Y. I also like the mesh panel with ipod pocket that runs down the back.

Is the Power Y more popular than the Spark Tank? Based on what I have seen on eBay I don't believe so. Spark Tanks, both new and used, consistently sell for near or over retail and Power Ys often languish. I think the folks at Lululemon are a bit in the dark about the huge market on Ebay for their products. Lululemon is the third biggest category on eBay for Women's Athletic Apparel behind Nike and Adidas. That is just amazing for a supposedly niche brand.

Flow Y IV Bra? Uh, Lululemon, where's the link to this on your website? I just got a product notice for it and I want to see it.

BBB Racer Features:
  • A light long sleeve layer to throw on after your workout
  • Made with Vitasea
  • Perfect to wear to the gym, work, bed, studio, grandma's, in the garden, on the porch, fixing the roof, feeding the chickens, on-line, traveling, cruising…you name it and we've got you covered
  • It's also preshrunk! Nice.
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • Lycra® in fabric to hold its shape

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wish I Had a Reason to Buy This - Run Flow Through Dress

Lululemon just put this up on their site yesterday. It looks so cute and light for summer - perfect for hot days. I love all their running stuff but especially the Tech stuff made with the perforated material like this dress. It feels like you have nothing on, it's that cool.

  • Sassy and sporty…the perfect technical combo!
  • Run, play tennis, hit the gym -- there's nothing you can't do in this dress
  • Anti-stink & anti-static
  • Silverescent™ using X-Static, the silver fibre
  • Mesh paneling in high sweat areas
  • Secure pocket for $, keys & cards
  • Preshrunk
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • Wicking

Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Groove Pants

I picked up these colorful Groove pants in Gulf (aka, teal - it looks a lot bluer in the photo than it is) recently. The match with my Gather V Undulation Print top that I wrote about a couple of posts below. Until now I haven't owned a Groove pant, although I have several of the crop version which I love. I wore them to the gym today for cardio and weights. They were comfortable and the flared bottom did not trip me up on the elliptical like I feared. They fit snugger through the thigh than my Extend pants do but are looser than my Fit pants. The progression from snuggest to loosest fit is - Hip/Fit, Groove, Extend, Be Still. They don't have any ties at the waist so there are no bumps under your top. I love the ipod pocket in the waist. I am definitely going to get another pair.

  • All-purpose low impact sport pant that fits over your sneaker
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Waistband pocket for your gym card
  • Smooth, flat waistband
  • Coolmax gusset designed 4 sport

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Try on Review - Ta Ta Tamer Bra

I'm a larger busted lady - 34DD. I've tried on the Ta Ta Tamer and it did nothing for me. In fact, I thought it smooshed me down and gave me an awful silhouette. My favorite Lulu bras are the Deep V and the Lift and Separate (although my Flow Y III & Cool Swift are also pretty great) but when I really want the girls to be strapped in and looking their best, I used my Donna Karan underwire sports bra.

Lululemon should design for women past a D cup. Don't they know American women have been spending their home equity money on boob jobs these past few years? Also, I think the horomones in milk and meats are making young women a lot more busty than I was when I was in my teens/early twenties.

  • I tame, separate, & shape your favorite girls - you shouldn't have to sacrifice shape for support
  • Strategically placed non-stretch panels to maximize your support
  • Moisture wicking for maximum comfort during your workout
  • Lycra to hold my shape & keep you looking great

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Hat - Distance Hat

If you are looking for a super lightweight hat for the gym or for running, try the Distance Hat. I have a couple of adidas running hats but the Lululemon one is much lighter and more breathable. As an added bonus it is machine washable. It has a zipper pocket in the back for a key. It retails for a pretty steep price, $26 or $28, but sometimes you can find them marked down, particularly the white ones, or luck out on eBay like I did.

Product Features from the Hang Tag:

-Ultra lightweight weather protection for your head
- Wicking/Quick dry fabric
- Reflective artwork so you are visible
- Zipper pocket for your keys
- Adjustable velcro back for fit
- Place to write your name with a sharpie so you know it's yours
- Machine Washable

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gather V - New Summer Favorite

I recently bought a Gather V Tank in the summery Gulf Undulation Print shown in the photo. It is a very nice versatile top that can be used for sightseeing on vacation or warm weather low-impact workouts.

The tank has a built in bra with pockets for bra cookies. However, the support is very light (see note below) so I wore my Flow Y III bra in Kale Green underneath it for spin class. It was a nice surprise to find that the winter Kale/Nori greens coordinated nicely with the blues and greens of Gulf/Aruba/Caribe found in the spring color palette. The top is made of luon and fits loosely through the tummy area which helps with cooling. It is long and comes down to the hip bones. I like this all over print because it not only camouflages a poochy belly but also helps hide perspiration marks.

The Gather V has such a classic design that it would also be a great top to use while hiking or touring amusements parks on summer vacation. It is one of the few tanks I have seen that have the Lululemon symbol on the front of the garment.

Design Note: This top has very light support and not just because of the spaghetti straps. The built in bra in this top only uses a light 1/2" elastic strip as opposed to all my other Lululemon tops (Tri Y, Move Tank, Ujjayi, etc.) that use a heavy duty 1" strip. I am wondering if this was done to make layering it with a bra more comfortable. When I use my Flow Y underneath my Ujjayi the two bras together are pretty constricting. The product info on the tag does say the top is perfect for layering.

Product Info from the Hang Tag:
1. A tank with narrow straps perfect for layering.
2. Skimming body fit.
3. Built-in shelf bra for support.
4. Shelf bra with pockets for removable cups.
5. Brushed Silverescent bra elastic that is wicking and anti-stink.
6. Made with luon, our signature fabric.
7. Chafe resistant - flat seamed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Envy Me, Ladies - I've got a Move Tank!

I've had my eye on the Move Tank since it showed up on Lululemon's website and today I got one in the gorgeous Paradise/Kiss Chipper Print (PRDS/KCPR) shown in the photo. (If you click on the photo, a much larger one will come up so you can see all the great detail of this top.) I am going to feel like a million bucks when I walk into the gym wearing this top.

In my opinion Lululemon makes the best prints in women's athletic wear. Athleta and Lucy offer a lot of prints but the majority of their selections always strike me as old ladyish. I also like Green Dragon/Pink Lotus and Hardtail but you can only own so many tie die/dragon prints.

The Move Tank is from Lululemon's organic line although it has a silverescent mesh inner bra. I just love the amount of design detail on this tank. The bust area has a double layer of support. The built in bra is made of silverescent mesh with cup pockets and adjustable stretch satin straps. The outer layer also has adjustable stretchy satin straps. I really like the double brastrap look and it is very comfortable. My hop test puts the support level at a medium. There is a cute layer of ribbon under the bust area that is highlighted by wide stitches in thick black thread. The top is very long, almost as long as the Movement Tank which falls below my hip bones on my 65" frame.

  • Feeling hot? A yoga tank ideal for hot weather and hot workouts
  • Adjustable bra straps for individual comfort & support
  • Built-in shelf bra for low to medium support
  • Shelf bra with pockets for removable cups
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Certified organic cotton yarn was used to make this fabric
  • Preshrunk
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On-line Shopping Site Is Up Early. Verdict? Underwhelmed.

The online shopping site is up a little early. They really don't have too much, especially in the way of tanks, jackets, and especially running tops. The Lululemon facebook site discussion boards says they'll have more stuff as they go on. I hope so.

The layout is a bit weird - multiple large photos of the same style in different colors leading you to think the selection is larger than it is. The color selection is limited - black and white, blues and greens. Where are the pinks and oranges from earlier in the season? No underwear or headbands at this time. The old site is completely gone so you can't even look at all the cool stuff they left off the new site.

There is an extremely limited tank selection. Only the Athletic Deep V (up to size 14), Tri Y, Conditioning Tank, Movement Tank, Ujjayi, Move Tank, and the Shade Tank are offered. Where is the regular Deep V (I'm not a big fan of the straps on the Athletic), the Whisper let alone the newer tanks such as the Gather V, Action, etc?

For shirts, they show the Signa (yay it's back) and the Run Swiftly Tech. Where is the super light tech stuff with the perforations, i.e., Circuit Tech & Track Tech?

For jackets all they show are the Shape, the Bomber (I don't even think any of my local stores carry this), and the Remix Hoodie. Isn't the Remix kind of heavy for spring? Where is the new Sanctuary?

For pants, the Groove, the Be Stills in Black (I didn't know I was supposed to wear them so low!), and the Wonder Under Tight. Where is the recently brought back by popular request Hip Pant?

The selection of crops is a lot better - Groove Crop, Boogie, Clam Digger, Groove Down, Extend, and the Be Still Crops. Even better - the Boogie and Extend crops are available in the hard to find in stores size 14.

For bras, the Deep V, Lift and Separate, and the Flow Y which is pretty much all you need but color selection is limited.

Shipping is a very reasonable $5.95 via Fedex Ground (to my SoCal address anyway).

For all the hoopla and the nasty April 1 trick, quite disappointing. Athleta & all the re-sellers on eBay won't be losing sleep over this.

In Summary:

The Good:
- finally on line
- hard to find size 14s available
- reasonable shipping charges
- like the little videos explaining products features
- Signa shirt is back

The Bad:
-extremely limited (style and color) selection except for crops
- hardly any running tops
- confusing layout
- some of the models (one model?) have a very visible camel toe in the close up photos - apart from the ick factor it's not a good advertisement for the Lululemon crotches that are not supposed to split you in half

Suggestions for improvement:
- fix the confusing layout - use one big photo per style and then little photos that blow up to regular size for the various colors/patterns.
- identify tops/pants material - is it made of luon, light luon, lullure, luxtreme, etc. For example some of the 3 Set Tanks came in all Luon, some in Lullure and Luon, etc. - Different colors/patterns may use different material.
- explain the fit of pants & crops (in the stores they arrange tightest to loosest fit: wonder under, hip/fit, groove, extend, still, etc.)
-show photos of layering tops with bras
- use some bustier models

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer Favorite - Still Short

The Still Shorts are one of my favorites for summer. They are great for running around town or taking hikes. They are great for the gym, too. I've worn mine in spin class. They are the identical to the Still Pant and Crop except they come to about mid knee. They are made of luon. The Clam Digger crops run about the same length but with a closer fit.

I wish Lululemon would offer some more options in a mid-thigh or above the knee length short in luon. Most of their shorts are just below the thigh or these knee length Still Shorts. It would be nice to have something in between.

  • Loose fitting high rise short that is great for Hatha
  • Reversible drawstring
  • Coolmax gusset designed 4 sport
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cool Out Tunic - Summer Staple

Lululemon had uploaded a few new items. The Cool Out Tunic looks like it has the makings of a summer wardrobe staple. A basic long tee to cover up with. I'll have to keep an eye open for it in my product alerts.

  • A long layer perfect to cover your bum while you are running to & from your yoga class
  • Super soft premium hand fabric
  • Preshrunk
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • Lycra® in fabric to hold its shape

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Newest Love - Sanctuary Jacket

I've been thinking about getting a new jacket to wear to my son's baseball games and the Sanctuary Jacket caught my eye on the website. After spin class this morning I visited my local store to check it out in person.

This isn't your basic boxy teenager hoodie. Though it is hard to see in the photo above, it has pleats at the shoulders, arms, and back to give it some great feminine detail. There is an ipod cord tunnel inside the pocket and interior pockets that can be used to stash your sunglasses. It is a perfect weight for cool spring mornings. I may have to go back for another one.

  • Light layer to wear before and after class
  • Preshrunk
  • Zipper will not buckle
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • Light french terry with Lycra® so it won't bag out
  • Longer sleeves for added warmth

Totally Want it Now - Pulse Wrap

Forget the gym or studio for this one. I just want the Pulse Wrap to cozy up in around the house. How comfy does this look? How awesome would I look walking into the gym with this on? When is this coming to my store????

  • Wrap that makes your pulse race in and out of the studio
  • beechlu fabric is breathable and good for warming up
  • Wrap tie allows for a customized fit
  • Collar can be worn with ties gathered to allow for a more open neckline
  • Gathered hems keep sleeves in place while dancing
  • Reflective-free logo for onstage wear
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • Preshrunk

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Not To Sell a Pair of Pants by Lucy

OK, Lucy, why would I buy these pants if they look so bad on your model? She totally has a polterwangish crotch going on and the angle the photo was taken gives her saddlebag thighs. These pants just don't fit her right.

Boob Booster - Another April Fool's Joke?

Just posted on the Lululemon website - The Boob Booster.

So, the Lululemon folks have assured me that the Boob Booster is not a joke. I asked them to dig up a photo of an actual person wearing it. I just can't envision wearing it if you have large breasts and I can't see needing it if you have small breasts.

What tops would you wear this over? I just got a 3 Set Tank which is low support but I can't see how this would look good. Maybe it goes over the dance tops. Hmmm.

Update - The Lululemon Athletica Facebook page just uploaded a video of someone wearing the Boob Booster. For some reason, the video is in Spanish. Even though I don't understand much Spanish beyond mas cerveza por favor and a few swear words, I believe the video can be translated as - you can only pull this off if you are SMOKIN HOT.

  • Have the girls ever felt flat and lifeless in their sport tanks?
  • Boost their mood with this overtop of tank lifter and supporter piece
  • Made to be worn with our low support tanks - this piece will provide added support for those more intense workouts
  • Front clasp makes it easy to get on and off
  • Soft elastic straps make it comfortable while providing max support
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric

Damn You, Lululemon!!! I want my e-commerce site now!

Lululemon has been touting their new e-commerce site which was to launch today. However, if you click on the site, you'll get the most amateurish website I've seen in awhile. It's all an April Fool's joke since the real site launch is April 15th. It's worth scrolling through for the funny write ups and photos of some pretty fugly workout wear.

Ha ha - now hurry up and get the real site on line!