Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Sports Bra for Large Busts (Sorry Lululemon)

I have quite a few Lululemon sports bras - the Deep V, the Lift and Separate, the Swift and Cool Swift, the Flow Y III - but when I really want the girls strapped in for high impact activities and pushed back up to where they were when I was 18, the bra I turn to is the Donna Karan Underwire Sport Bra 35137.

This is no wispy bra-in-name-only like a lot of sports bras. It is well made with side support panels in each cup, additional external underwire support, 1" straps that adjust using hooks and a back that has a 3 hook closure. When you feel it in person you can tell it is a serious piece of sports equipment. The underwire gives great support and, unlike most underwire bras, the wires are on the outside of the cups so they don't dig into you. The bra is designed to encapsulate each breast so there is no uniboob look. There are hooks on the back of the straps to adjust for length. It all adds up to great support, comfort, and a fabulous exterior.

  • Provides separation of the breasts as well as a higher level of support and comfort.
  • Heat-molded cups have inner support paneling and covered underwire construction.
  • Transfers moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Side support panels keep breast tissue from chaffing under arms.
  • Unique 6-position hook shoulder strap adjustment


Miss Content said...

My friend! Have you not tried out the Ta Ta Tamer yet? I have a bra that supports and lifts and gives great shape - designed just for gals like you and me! If it's not working for you tell me why!!! I want to know, I NEED to know!

love always,
Miss Content
Chief TaTaTamer,
lululemon athletica

houndlvr67 said...

I LOVE this bra too (from DK)! I haven't tried the "TA TA tamer"...yet. LOVE your blog! I am also a SAHM BUT of two little girls. I stumbled upon Lulu almost three years ago, and there has been "no turning back" :). I even worked at a store for a SHORT time, but due to differences in principle (READ the manager was an immature BITCH) I respectfully resigned. My favs are the Extend pant (old school before they f-ed it up with the baboon striping on the rear), the Remix hoodie regular and lux (YAY finally a hoodie long enough for a 5'11 woman!), and the Athletic Deep V tank. Due to your review, I am going to pick up the Hills crop today in Chicago (they had one in navy!yahoo!). I am also at the top end of Lulu's size range at a 12 and tall. As a tip, have you ever tried calling the GEC to find things that you are unable to find at the store? They have been MUCH more helpful with me, as of late. If you call right when you get the product notification from your store, they usually have product still in the warehouse that they have not shipped out yet. Keep up the good work!

LuluAddict said...

I have tried the Ta Ta Tamer and it didn't work for me. It tended to smoosh me down rather than make the girls look their best. I think the cups were not deep enough for my DD size girls. However, I do like the Lift and Separate a lot but I could really use a DD instead of the D I bought.