Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fit Tank - Try on Review

I was able to try on the Fit Tank today. I found it lightweight and a flattering silhouette. It's made of Luxtreme so it is very soft. I've been spending beaucoup bucks at Lululemon so I didn't get it this trip but I'll keep an eye on it during future trips. A perfect top for summer workouts.
  • A lightweight tank build for a big bust & small waist
  • Built-in shelf bra for medium support
  • Shelf bra with pockets for removable cups
  • Brushed Silverescent bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Mesh back for increase breathability
  • Made from luxtreme fabric with inherent quick wicking properties
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed

Clam Digger II - Try On Review

I tried on the Clam Digger II crops the other day and they have made my short list of crops to get. They hit right below my knee and fit fairly close to the leg. I think they are nice compromise between a loose fitting Extend Crop and a fitted Groove Crop. I like the shorter length. Nicely done!

  • Semi-fit short crop
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Smooth, soft waistband
  • Inner waistband stash pocket to secure money and keys
  • Coolmax gusset designed for sport

Swift Tank - Try On Review

I had to pick up a couple of hemmed pants today so I took the liberty of trying on a few new things. I really liked the Swift Tank but ended up getting a Tri Y in a print that matches my Hills Crops.

The Swift Tank is made of Luxtreme which is buttery soft and light; it almost feels like you are wearing nothing. The back has a crossover strap and mesh in the lower back like the Athletic Deep V tank. All in all it is a very lightweight tank perfect for summer. A couple of issues that made me decide in favor of the Tri Y this shopping trip. One is that it doesn't come with cups but does have the pockets so you can add your own. The Luxtreme is so lightweight that you almost need the cups for more coverage in the lighter colors. Although the Luxtreme is very lightweight it is not very supportive so I would class this as a low support tank for larger breasted women. The other is that the armpits rode a little lower than I prefer but I think that is due to me overwhelming the support of the top. This top was so lightweight and comfortable I will definitely consider getting it my next shopping trip.

  • Ab x-training that works for all sports
  • luxtreme provides inherent quick wicking properties
  • High Lycra content for max hold and performance
  • Crossover back for max breathability
  • Chafe resistance - flat seams

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Sports Bra for Large Busts (Sorry Lululemon)

I have quite a few Lululemon sports bras - the Deep V, the Lift and Separate, the Swift and Cool Swift, the Flow Y III - but when I really want the girls strapped in for high impact activities and pushed back up to where they were when I was 18, the bra I turn to is the Donna Karan Underwire Sport Bra 35137.

This is no wispy bra-in-name-only like a lot of sports bras. It is well made with side support panels in each cup, additional external underwire support, 1" straps that adjust using hooks and a back that has a 3 hook closure. When you feel it in person you can tell it is a serious piece of sports equipment. The underwire gives great support and, unlike most underwire bras, the wires are on the outside of the cups so they don't dig into you. The bra is designed to encapsulate each breast so there is no uniboob look. There are hooks on the back of the straps to adjust for length. It all adds up to great support, comfort, and a fabulous exterior.

  • Provides separation of the breasts as well as a higher level of support and comfort.
  • Heat-molded cups have inner support paneling and covered underwire construction.
  • Transfers moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Side support panels keep breast tissue from chaffing under arms.
  • Unique 6-position hook shoulder strap adjustment

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ujjayi Tank - Pretty Good

I haven't given much love in the past to the Ujjayi tank. I've picked up a couple lately for less than $20 and for that amount I can like it quite a lot. The good things - unlike its predecessors, the Power Y and the Power V, it has nice, thick straps which don't cut into your shoulders and actually provide decent support. It also has a mesh panel down the back for cooling with a handy little pocket at the bottom for your ipod. It is long - down to your hip bones. It also has cup pockets for the bra cookies. It also happens to come in a lot of great Lululemon prints (see a gorgeous example at the left) and color combos.

The only negative is that it is cut too low in the armpits for me. My solution is to wear a Flow Y III bra underneath (essentially the Ujjayi in bra form, with thick straps and mesh back) so I don't feel too exposed. Since the Ujjayi has a built in bra, I am doubling up on support, which I see a lot of women do with their Deep Vs, but I prefer not to. However, it works for the me in this case. I really like the open back for hot days or intense cardio activities like spin. All in all, I might pick more if the price is right.

  • A practical tank for yoga or the gym
  • Binding straps across back keep open back while providing support
  • Mesh panel insert provides ventilation & storage
  • Carved racerback shape to allow full range in movement w/o irritation
  • Mesh/WDW bra construction for optimum breathability & comfort
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spin Class Test - Hills Crop, Action Tank, Wrap Tech Tank, & Not So Low Tank

Down here in SoCal it never gets very cold so keeping cool during intense cardio like a spin class is a challenge. As a solution, I find I am buying more and more from Lululemon's running line. I just love the lightweight, technical fabrics used in eye-catching innovative designs. Most running tops are usually a racerback tank in different prints - yawn. By contrast, check back to my write up about Lululemon's Run:Shrug Tech top. It has to be the most beautiful running top ever with all sorts of design details - seaming, gathers, and multiple materials. It is really rather elaborate but so pretty and functional.

I love my newest stuff, too. I wore the new Hills Crops and Action Tank to spin class this weekend. The Hills Crops are awesome! I usually wear my Plank, Groovin' Tie, or Extend crops to spin since I get way too hot wearing full length pants, however, I still get pretty warm. The Hills Crops are just what I was looking for - they have lightweight luxtreme on the front of the thigh, mesh inserts on the side of the thigh and the backside is the normal weight luon. I could definitely tell the difference in materials when I was working out. Wearing the Hills Crops totally helped keep me cooler. I want to get another pair but they are very hard to find. I hope Lululemon continues to make the Hills Crop and doen't make it another one month wonder.

The open crossover back and v-neck front of the Action Tank really helped keep me cool. The Action Tank is a new favorite and I'll probably be back for another in a different color.

Last week I wore my new Wrap Tech Tank. This is from Lululemon's running line and is extremely lightweight with a mesh back. It is made of luxtreme and felt so light it was almost like I wasn't wearing a shirt. You have to provide your own bra and the Deep V works great. This top will be great for spin class on hot summer days when the room gets really warm.

My other new favorite top is the Not So Low Tank. I believe this is meant to go with the running line, too, since I've seen matching running shorts. It is made of lightweight Lullure or Luxtreme, too, and has a built in bra with cups which is rare in the running tops.

I can't wait to see what Lululemon comes up with next for their running line.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Try On Review - Movement Tank

If I didn't already have a couple of Embracer Tanks, I would get the Movement Tank. It is a nice lightweight, classic tank. It's fitted to hug your curves. It comes in all the new bright colors - yellow, hot pink, bright blue, black and white. In the stores,they pair it with a contrasting Flow Y bra which looks super cute.

  • Show off your latest moves and grooves in this tank
  • Shelfless tank allows you to customize your own support level
  • Try one of our full support bras under this one
  • Fitted tank shows off your assets without being restrictive
  • Extra long length makes this perfect for pairing with tights providing that extra layer between your bum and the world! PS It can be hemmed if it is too long 4 you
  • Made with luon light for a lighter tank option
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shade Tank - Try On Review

I tried the Shade Tank today in the color shown above. I liked the slimming effect of the color blocking and the feel of the material. It seemed to be made of super soft Luon which felt soooooo good against my skin. I was totally tempted, however, the Shade tank seems to be a slight tweaking of a tank I already have - the Shapely - and I couldn't justify getting it at full price. I also didn't care for the flamingo pink. It also came in solid colors. Perhaps I would have gone for it in another color combo. Anyway, I'll keep an eye for it to pop up on the markdown rack. It's funny it just arrived at the local stores but it is already gone from the website.

  • Shade tank Info: A shelfless tank that will accentuate your curves!
  • Perfect to layer over your bra of choice
  • Mesh inserts treated with an anti-stink finish
  • Hidden mesh pocket for $ & keys
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • Wicking/quick dry
  • Lycra® in fabric to hold its shape

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deep V Tank III Quilt - Newest Ebay Acquisition

I bought a new top off ebay before the Chino Hills store sent me the notice about the 70% blowout sale. It is the Deep V Tank III Quilt in Coal/Black. I had tried this on a couple of months ago and resisted getting it at the time. I regretted it because it sold out immediately around here but now a few have popped up on eBay. I was lucky my auction had a Friday 6pm closing time because I was able to get it fairly cheaply but others have been going for close to retail. Anyway, it is totally gorgeous in a low key way. It looks great with black pants. I already have had a couple of Deep V Tanks and really like them. The quilt and contrasting trim is a really greay way to draw the eye to the bust & face. If I find the matching grooves/crops maybe I'll splurge.

  • If you got 'em, flaunt 'em in the gym
  • Medium support cross over tank w/ built-in bra
  • Mesh racerback for ventilation
  • Mesh/WDW bra construction for optimum breathability & comfort
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lululemon may have had a big warehouse sale in Niagara Falls this weekend but I don't think the prices could get much better than what I paid at the Chino Hills, CA store last night. They had special two hour only sale last night - 70% off original price for all markdowns on last season's colors. If you are not on your local Lululemon store's email alert list you must get on it to find out about special sales like these.

I got the following deals and could have happily gotten lots more but I already blew my clothes budget this month on new black Still pants: Deep V Bras (older style but still great) in must have basic white and black for $10.80 each, Be Still Pants in Branch Brown for $29.40, Ujjayi top in Sangria/Shiraz floral print (pictured) for $15.60, Althletic Deep V Print for $16.20, Origami jacket in Hydrangea/Orchid for $35.40. I now officially have way too many gym clothes.

From what I have read the Chino Hills store is closing in the spring which in unfortunate for them but great for me. All the Lululemon stores seem to have more stuff on the sale rack than they used to. You won't find staples such as black Still or Groove pants, basic tees, or a lot of the running tops (those sell out pretty quick at full price) marked down but offbeat styles, last season's colors, and sizes at the extremes are a good bet. I keep telling my friends that get their low price/low quality ugly workout wear at Target or Kohls to check out the sales racks at Lululemon but they don't listen. That's fine by me, I love paying Target prices for Lululemon quality and style.

Everyday Basic - Be Still Pant

The Still Pant and latest update, the Be Still Pant, are one of Lululemon's core garments. You always see the store "educators" working in these. I just got a second pair in black. They are the perfect weekend, running errands, watching soccer games pants.

They are made of Luon and are flat seamed. They are Lululemon's loosest fitting pant and can be used for yoga or weight lifting but not cardio since the fabric flops around a lot.

They have two patch pockets and a drawstring that can be worn either on the outside or on the inside with the top rolled down. The bottom flares out a little and looks great with flip flops.

  • Loose fitting high rise pant
  • Reversible drawstring
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Awesome for Cardio/Running: Hills Crop

From Lululemon's running line, these the Hills Crop are made for you to sweat in. They have lighter weight luxtreme panels for the front of the thigh, a mesh insert along the side of the thigh and heavier luon on the backside to help hide any panty lines and cottage cheese that might be there. There is a mesh pocket at the small of your back. They felt super light weight and would be perfect for spin. Retail is: $86.


Hills crop

  • Body-mapped sport crop for high performance!
  • luxtreme's unique nylon provides inherent quick wicking properties
  • luon on your backside provides extra coverage
  • Super soft anti-stink mesh at your lower back
  • Inner pocket for $ & keys
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed