Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tri Y Tank - Try On Review

I tried on the new Tri-Y Tank thinking it might fit a little different than Ujjayi (hits me too low in the armpits) - but it didn't. I frankly can't see the difference between the two tops except for missing contrast material along the neckline.

Revision - I ended buying a Tri-Y recently because it came in a really pretty print - Mix It Up (?) - that matches the flowers on my Hills Crops. It does hit slightly higher in the armpits than the Ujjayi (I don't think I put it on right when I tried it before) so I could use the built in bra and not have to double up with a Flow Y like I do for the Ujjayi. I now have two Ujjayis and one Tri-Y and really like the open back for heavy cardio like spin class. I like the mesh panel down the back with the little ipod pocket at the bottom. All in all, I like these tops much better than I ever did my Power V. The thick straps provide a lot more support without digging into my shoulders.

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Dori said...

I have two Tri-Y tanks and they are the only top I can wear to spin now.