Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: Action Tank

The Action Tank recently popped up in my local store. It a has a cross over back and a mesh insert in front. It seems to be an update of a couple of very popular Lululemon Classics - the Spark and Repose tanks. Used Sparks and Reposes go for close to full retail on ebay all the time.

I bought the Action Tank and really like it. I love the cross over back and the low front with mesh insert. One thing I hate about the Spark and Repose is that they have very high fronts which does nothing for me when I start to get over heated. The Action Tank's low front coupled with a mesh insert is a great update to the older styles. The Action Tank also has a built in bra with cups. That is also an update to the older styles which had just a shelf bra. The Action Tank is a worthy successor to the Spark and Repose tanks.

  • medium support tank that won't show the world your belly button
  • Open back for increased breathability
  • Longer shelf bra to accommodate for gravity
  • Shelf bra with pockets for removable cups
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink

Gather V Tank - Try On Review

It's hard to tell in the photo but the neck line has a little cleavage enhancing pucker at the center in the Gather V Tank. This is a cute tank but since it is still winter I can't get into spaghetti strap tops yet.

  • A lightweight tank with narrow straps perfect for layering!
  • Skimming body fit
  • Built-in shelf bra for support
  • Shelf bra with pockets for removable cups
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Made from luxtreme fabric with superior quick wicking properties

3 Set Tank - Try On Review

The 3 Set Tank comes in some really cute color block combinations so I wanted to like it. Lululemon calls it a medium to low support tank and I would have to agree. Similar to my experience with the Scoop Neck Tank, my boobage overwhelmed the support so the tank hung too low on me and over exposed my armpit area. I think if the straps were a little shorter this tank might work on me.

  • 3 Set of your workout routine never felt so easy before!
  • Medium-low support tank
  • Semi-fitted follows our curves but doesn't hug them too tight
  • Wider straps are comfortable and do not dig into shoulders during activitity
  • Longer length tank prevents any peek-a-boo while working out
  • Brushed Silverscent bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric

Scoop Neck Tank - Try On Review

The Scoop Neck Tank is an interesting looking top but it fit me oddly. I think my giant bazooms (by Lululemon standards anyway) overwhelmed the support of the built in bra because I felt like I was too exposed in the upper breast/armpit (breastpit?) area.

The top certainly didn't fit me like it shows in the picture - the armpit/side boob coverage started a lot lower on me. I probably should have tried another color on because I've found that different colors are some times cut differently. I thought the back of this top was very cute but the support was not enough for me.

  • Move freely in this open necklined tank
  • Medium support tank
  • Semi-fitted follows your curves but doesn't hug them too tight
  • Mesh racer back provides breathability and support
  • Wide strap is comfortable and doesn't dig into shoulders while practicing yoga
  • Brushed Silverescent™ bra elastic that is wicking & anti-stink
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric

Tri Y Tank - Try On Review

I tried on the new Tri-Y Tank thinking it might fit a little different than Ujjayi (hits me too low in the armpits) - but it didn't. I frankly can't see the difference between the two tops except for missing contrast material along the neckline.

Revision - I ended buying a Tri-Y recently because it came in a really pretty print - Mix It Up (?) - that matches the flowers on my Hills Crops. It does hit slightly higher in the armpits than the Ujjayi (I don't think I put it on right when I tried it before) so I could use the built in bra and not have to double up with a Flow Y like I do for the Ujjayi. I now have two Ujjayis and one Tri-Y and really like the open back for heavy cardio like spin class. I like the mesh panel down the back with the little ipod pocket at the bottom. All in all, I like these tops much better than I ever did my Power V. The thick straps provide a lot more support without digging into my shoulders.

Wrap Tech Tank

Lululemon put the Wrap Tech Tank on their website over a month ago and I have been scanning my e-mail alerts eagerly awaiting its arrival in SoCal. I snagged one today. The photo above shows the tank in the Snorkel Blue and Mac N Cheese with Black Blurred Dove. It also comes in solid black and pow wet rose (white with hot pink and black air brushed blotches).

It is from Lululemon's running line so it is made of Luxtreme and has a mesh back. It is super light and airy. It does not have a built in bra but I brought my Deep V Bra to try it on with which looked great. It would also look super cute with a hot pink Flow Y Bra underneath it so I have to keep my eyes peeled for that to pop up on the sale rack.

I wore it to spin class recently and really liked it. Very light and cool. I especially like the little ipod pocket at the bottom.

Features list from the hang tag:
  • A perfect technical tank top for running!
  • Mesh front neckline panel for extra coverage
  • Mesh side panels & back panel for increased ventilation
  • Side pocket to secure money & keys
  • Made from luxtreme fabric with superior quick wicking properties

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Website Updated with the 2009 Colors - Neon!

I feel like I have taken a time machine back to 1988 - neon is back! Can the return of Acid Wash denim, O-ring bracelets, & the Happy Mondays be far behind?

I've read that neon is making a comeback and, as usual, Lululemon is ahead of the trend. They have released their 2009 colors and neon is featured heavily. I was in the store today and the Newport store has a ton of neon pink, Pow Pink, featured. Coming soon, I expect, is neon yellow, apple green, sky blue, and peach.

I happen to link high energy colors and love hot pink, so bring it on. However, the yoga crowd seems more muted. Time will tell and I'll be watching the sale racks.

Small nit - When is the Lululemon website going to actually reflect what is in the stores? I saw Reverse Groove shorts and crops and they aren't mentioned on the website at all. I just read Lululemon is stepping up their e-commerce but their website is totally lagging.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not So Low Tank*G

Lululemon updated their website with about six new tops and the local stores sent me their New Arrival Alert emails with tons of new stuff so I trotted off to the local stores to check them out. I ended up getting a top that is not pictured on their website (but I found a photo of one that sold on eBay) - the Not So Low Tank*G.

It is a very nice lightweight tank that is great for cardio. The armpits aren't too low so there are no side boob/armpit fat issues and the top is scooped which is great for cooling but not too low where I am flashing major cleavage at the gym when I bend over. There is a lot of nice bust detail - darts and stitching and a contrasting perforated under layer (similar to football jersey material) so it almost looks like you are layering tops. It has a built in bra with cups. The straps are nice and fat. My dressing room bounce test put the level of support at about a medium. Mine is in an eye catching high energy hot pink and raspberry stripe pattern but the store also had it in solid navy with a black under layer and solid black.

I tried on some other new tops which I'll review later but I have to say I don't like some of the new colors -Mac N Cheese (bright, really bright, Did-I-Mention-It's-Bright yellow) or the Snorkel Blue Gingham. However, the Senorita Pink & Crystal Pink are very cute, as is solid Snorkel Blue (sky blue). Bruise is a dark purple. White and Coal is white with a very pale grey stripe - very pretty.

Bitchfest Time Out

Dear El Segundo Lululemon (or as you like to pretend in your email alerts "Manhattan Beach" even though you are physically located in El Segundo),

Don't send me a new arrivals email alert if you haven't already put the stuff out in the store. I don't care if you have 40 boxes of new stuff in the back room, don't tell me you have stuff available when you really don't. I don't appreciate making a special trip to your store for nothing.

Also, your staff could work on being a little friendlier. I know I am at the larger end of your size range but your store does sell size 10s & 12s so you should value my patronage just as much as your size 4s and 6s.


I'll Spend My Money in the Other Local Lululemons Instead of Yours

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lulu Hot Short

The Fashion Island Lululemon had Lulu Hot Shorts on sale for $4 each, a spectacular savings from the normal $14 per pair price. I picked up half a dozen pairs since I love everything Lululemon. I have the Techni underwear and really like them so I thought I would try these which are made primarily from cotton. They sit very low in the back so the band does not show if you are bent over on some weight machine or on a spin bike. They are extremely comfortable and provide full coverage so need to adjust developing wedgies when on the spin bike. If they are still on sale next time I go back I'll get a few more pairs.

Fit Pant

Lululemon had a bunch of stuff marked down right after Christmas and I was able to pick up a pair of Fit Pants at 30% off. As a bonus, the pair I got has Razzmatazz pink piping so it will match my new Lulu Seamless tee and Zip UR Whisper.

The fit pants are a nice, simple pant and I like them more than the Groove Pant. I got a pair of Groove Pants from ebay but they had too much of a flared leg at the bottom which tripped me up. I might try the Groove Pant straight leg if I ever see a pair on sale but Grooves rarely go on sale unless they are some hideous color like toothpaste green.

The Fit Pant has a much narrower leg than the Groove Pant and a slight flare at the end. It fits very close to the calf. I like that it has a smooth, wide waistband without a drawstring so there is no bulge or seams showing through an overlapping top. The other nice thing about Lululemon pants with non-drawstring tops is that they tend to flatten one's tummy. They have an extra panel of fabric that has a light Spanx-type hold. The Groove pant and crops are the best at this since they a waistband with two rows at the top. The Fit Pant has a side seam up the leg which is unique among all my Lululemon pants, probably because these were designed more for cardio than yoga. A nice feature that is becoming standard on all their pants is a built in pocket in the waistband for money, gym pass, or an ipod.

The pants are comfortable and they will become a permanent part of my gym wardrobe. The Groove pants are back on ebay where they will find a new home.