Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Ombre' Coming?

I stopped at the Lululemon in El Segundo today. They had the new Camisole Tank. I didn't try it on because its one of those organic cotton tops. I do cardio and spin so I like the wicking/quick dry properties of the luon, lullure, and luxtreme.

If I did yoga more I might look into the cotton tops but for right now I stick to technical fabrics. Additionally, it has been cold so it is hard to imagine buying skimpy should-baring workout tanks now.

They had the Camisole top in a couple of version of ombre' (def.: from the French ombrer meaning to shade - a dip dye effect where the color graduates from light to dark) which is supposed to be big this spring.

Personally, I love ombre patterns and am excited to see it potentially become part of my Lululemon workout wardrobe. They had the top in a gray to black ombre and a pink to purple ombre. I already bought the Trail Tech in the pink to purple version and found my correct size at this store. Now I have to return the other. Sigh... another trip to Lululemon ;-) .

They had a good number of things marked down but no where near the fire sale prices they had at the Chino store. The lowest priced top I saw was $29 for the Cool It Racerback tanks. I like the tank and own one but I just bought a ton of Lululemon so I decided to pass on it. Maybe I'll come back the day after Christmas to see if they really want to get rid of them. One good thing about their sales rack is that they had a lot of large sizes left so must be only skinny minnies shop at that store.

The El Segundo store also had a great selection of headbands. The most variety of colors and patterns of any of the SoCal stores I frequent. I picked up one in an ivory print they had this fall.

It looks like the Origami jacket is going to become one of their flagship new designs. They had quite a few new colrs in jewel tones - green (Nori/Kale), purple (hydrangea/orchid flower), and blue (blackberry/royale) - and a couple of denimy patterns.