Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zip UR Whisper - A New Favorite

I just may be the first person to wear this in the entire country! I bought it off Ebay from a lady in Canada. The Whisper Tank Renew with mesh is one of my favorite tops and when I saw the Zip UR on ebay I had to have it. I was lucky that no one else wanted it and got it for a smokin' deal. Lesson learned - set your start prices higher.

It has a zipper front and a mesh back in the shape of the Lululemon A. I was also lucky enough to score a matching headband at the store in Santa Monica. It's not so easy to find the matching color headband since they seem to lag by a good 6 months.

I actually called Lululemon to see if I could mail order one from them since they aren't available here in the States. However, they are only available in Canada. It just showed up on their website so I am hoping they are coming to the US Soon. I love the pattern they show on the website; mine is just a plain Razzmatazz pink but I love the mesh back and adjustable zipper.

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