Sunday, December 14, 2008

Origami Jacket - A Staple

I got the Origami Jacket a couple of months ago in Ivory. I wanted a jacket to go with my brown pants. Of all the Lululemon jackets I've owned, this one underwhelms me the most. I've been seeing a lot of them on the sale racks, particularly the navy, purple, and ivory.

It is longer which I like and it has a 2 way zipper. However, it doesn't have an interior pocket for my sunglasses. That is one thing I like about my Shape Jacket. The Origami only has two little pockets in the front and the openings are on the small side so I can't get my hands, sunglasses, or even keys in them.

For a jacket that I didn't like at first, I currently have two of them in my wardrobe. They are my go-to jacket for weekend errand running or watching my kid's soccer games.

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