Saturday, May 21, 2022

Hello and Goodbye

Anybody out there?? :P 

I stopped writing this blog without explanation nearly four years ago but figured I should put up an official end post. Hope everyone is doing well these days. There wasn't a good reason that I stopped writing this other than I got busy with life and grew rather bored of writing the blog. I still buy lululemon, but it's less than before and a lot of repetitive items. I'm sure you've run across some of my reviews on the lulu website.

I know some people run across this blog when looking up older items to sell so I'll keep it up as an archive.

Take care,


Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Sweat Your Heart Out SS in Sunset

Sweat Your Heart Out Tank in Antique

Bootcamp Ready Bra in Rustic Coral

Bootcamp Ready Short in Stride Emboss Cherry Cola

Bootcamp Ready Tight in Grey Sage

4" Align Shorts in Cayenne

Breeze By Muscle Crop in Cayenne

Free To Be Wild Bra in Hot Sunset

Swiftly Breeze in Hot Sunset

New color in the Swiftly Polo - Mystic Mint

Rest Dust Free to Be Serene Bra

Love Crew Tee in Space Dye Black/Dark Shadow. I ordered this.

Heathered Breezy Scuba

Meet Halfway Striped Tank in Moonwalk

Feeling Femme 5" Short

Asymmetric Angle Tank

City to Summit Cycling Jersey in Cayenne

High Neck Energy Bra in Scarlet

Cayenne Stride Emboss Pace Rival Crops

Speed Up Short Long

Just the Love Tee for me - did you get anything?

Some previews from the foreign sites:

Air the Intensity SS in Moonwalk in HK. Asia exclusive.

Boulevard Bliss Skirt (HK)

Air the Intensity LS in Breezy. (HK, Asia exclusive)

Fast and Free Crops in the Utopia Multi print (HK)

Mesh Energy Bra in Light Coral (HK)

Light Coral Define, Hotty Hots, and Love Crew (HK)

Sea Moss Breeze Swiftly LS (UK)

Free to Be Serene High Neck in Kanoko Dye White Shadow print.

I love all the dark oranges and corals. Can't wait to get them here.