Over Lulu? My Reviews of Other Brands.


Athleta First Wearing: Essence Tie Back Tank and Shibori Fully Focused Bra (plus Refine Tank) (May 2017)

Stripe Breezy Tee, Stripe Linen Tee, Tie Dye Salutation Capri, Essence Tie Back Tank, Shibori Fully Focused Bra, Deep Breath Bralette, Striped Relay Capris, and Refine Tank (May 2017)

Stripes Chaturanga Capri & Essence Low Tank (March 2017)

Finish Fast LS, Breezy Tank, Salutation Capris, CYA Crossback Sweatshirt, and Colorblock Sonar Capris (Jan 2017)

Floral Fade Sonar Capri, Heavenly Hail Hoodie, Chi LS top (Feb 2015)

Try On Reviews - Bottoms, Tank, Wrap


Catch Me If You Can Hoodie Review


 Quick Fit Review

Kira Grace Bottoms - Flare Pant, Knee Pant, Capri Leggings

Kira Grace Tanks


Gym Girl Ultra Review


Review of several tank tops and bottoms.


Avery Tank and Ruched Capri

Classic Racer Tank

Boyshort Panties  and 360 Shorts

Lounge Pants

Wide Leg Pant


Try On Review

I really like the fabric, the fit needs some work and the bra tanks are not supportive if you are busty but because they filled my comment section with shill reviews and comments, something no other company has done to me before, I removed my review of the brand.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried AlbionFit? Really cute work out items cheaper than lulu

Anonymous said...

Titika !!
Its Canadian and coming to Pickering Town Centre (Ontario, Canada) soon. But hopefully you can get to try them out too and share the lovely review

Unknown said...

Would love to see a review of Sweaty Betty!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a review of Splits59!

Anonymous said...

What about Uniqlo stuff too? It's sort of Athletic haha

Would love to see your opinions on some Victoria's Secret stuff! I LOVE my Knockout crops from them (NOT sheer :P ), and their Studio Tank is just like a CRB except seamless like Ebb and Flow tanks!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Zella yoga leggings? It's a brand that Nordstrom sells, and it is getting great reviews. Just curious. Thanks!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:17 am - I've tried them on before but was not impressed. They have a lot of polyester in them and feel rough and hot.

Anonymous said...

Sweaty Betty is my new fave. They take the VAT off when they ship international, so the price isn't as bad as it seems and the quality is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

what about Lole?

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a review of Kyodan.

Anonymous said...

How can you all afford such expensive clothes?

Anonymous said...

It's easy....just eat Mac n cheese for a week...lol

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried Alo Yoga brand? They have some cute stuff at reasonable prices but Im wondering about quality and how they will hold up.

one_blogger said...

As someone else mentioned, why not give
Lolë some play?

Lolë deserves some serious love too....

Their lively pants are awesome with extra control in the lower abs and a straighter leg when you don't want too much flare. Nice color options too.

Check out Lolë! (Still love Lululemon too, I have enough heart to love them both!....lol!)

Anonymous said...

You should try One Tooth Active Wear! I just bought my first pair of their pants and am in love! Longer inseam length, great fit, no camel toe, great colours :)

Anonymous said...

I recently bought some Tonic wear. It's also a Canadian brand. For the price I do not think it is worth it, I was very disappointed because it's so cute. I have and wear the following brands: Kira Grace, Tonic, Nancy Rose, Sweaty Betty, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Nike, and Zobha. Lululemon is by far the best quality of them, followed by Sweaty Betty, and Kira Grace. Kira Grace just doesn't have enough choices in my opinion and Sweaty Betty is a bit funky but love their bamboo material.

QuadSCM said...

Since you've own lulu for many years, have you experienced any pilling with any of your pieces? If so, any particular fabric? Do you follow their care instructions? I recently started purchasing lulu, mostly swiftly fabric & Luxtreme, no pilling yet despite throwing them in the dryer. I don't have the time to hang them to dry. Just bought my first WUC in full on luon. I can see how these can easily pill if not
taken care of bc of it soft cottony feel. Would love your input on how to care for lulu to extend its life & use since they are quite pricey. Thanks in advance.

LuluAddict said...

@QuadSCM - from what I understand the heat will hurt the spandex fibers so putting them in the dryer isn't the best. It will also fade the darker french terry items. I hang dry all my pricer clothes, just to extend the life of them.

Swiftly doesn't pill. Luxtreme gets a bit roughed up if your thighs rub or you sit on something rough like a brick wall. Same with luon.

For swiftly, sheer luon, and circle mesh I wash them in lingerie bags to prevent snagging. I wash most items on warm, delicate cycle these days to get odors out and hang dry. Sometimes I put vinegar in the wash to help with odors if I've don't super sweaty workouts in them.

QuadSCM said...

Wow, vinegar?!! I would have never imagine putting vinegar in my laundry. How much do you put for a regular size load? I would assume you put this in the same place as detergent. Not very domesticated. LOL. Are the clothes stiff when they are hung to dry? I know cotton towels and clothes feel like sandpaper if I hung them to dry. Thank you for the input.

Anonymous said...

These are very inforamtive answers. For me One Tooth is my favorite brand for activewear as far as price and quality is concerned. I recently tried on some gear from another company that advertised cheap first outfits but don't think the lower price was worth it. I am in love with One Tooth's yoga pants. I just bought another pair of marin leggings that from their online store
I was sad that their retail location in my city closed but thank god they just made a webstore.
If this company ever stops making their clothes I now have an idea of which company to buy my pants and jackets but for now its One Tooth! Everything fits me perfectly.

Chezhire71 said...

For running tops, I'm also a fan of the Oiselle line. Fabrics feel amazing on, wick better than most of my Lulu, and they wash extremely well. Lux Half Zips & the super lightweight Flyte t's and tanks are worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

Have you reviewed fabletics??

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:48 pm - I have not. I can't get into those monthly box-type places.

Jessie said...

Love the site! I would also love if you could post a review of Fabletics at some point. It isn't exactly a monthly box type of a site as you might think. While they do give you a few outfits to choose from each month, you can also shop the site like a regular online store and pick and choose what you want. I haven't actually bit the bullet and made an order though.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a review of Black Diamond's sportswear! It's all getting amazing reviews--for climbing, crossfit, and yoga! Their clothes are perfect for the urban athlete. Plus, they're super cute and functional, and EXTREMELY well made!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Vivre Active Wear? I've heard so much good reviews of them, affordable too. It is based in Singapore though, but they do ship worldwide.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have tried 'Liquido' leggings,shorts,crops, skorts for yoga, crossfit, running and any activity you wear cool leggings. The company is based in the US and Australia. They are made and designed in brazil in non sweat shops.A lady in my yoga studio is the Canadian rep. The leggings are amazingly soft (like silk), always opaque, great compression, spf 50, and the best patterns ever. All patterns are limited edition and new patterns come out every month. I now own four pairs and will not go back to Lululemon leggings (I have maybe 15 pairs of Lulus). I can't speak highly enough of this brand. My local athletic wear shop just started selling them in June and can't keep them in stock for more than a week. They have gone through 5 orders since June because they are so loved. Just another brand to consider.

Charmaine said...

Hi LuluAddict,

I know this is an old post but I stumbled onto it and thought you might still check it out every once in a while.

I have tried really hard to get away from Lulu personally due to the explosion of the brand and the seemingly decrease in quality. I also wanted a product that I knew was responsibly produced. (Please note, I am not criticizing Lulu, just saying that our goals have become separate. I still love their designs and struggle to stay away.) I was quite shocked to see a few brands missing from your list and not mentioned in any comments that I could find and thought maybe someone here would find the below helpful.

I strongly suggest giving Karma a try, they are gorgeous and functional and are designed and made in Canada which it looks like a lot of people in Canada are looking for some other options.

I also love Beyond Yoga. They are a more simplified line (although they've tried to jump on the trendier bandwagon as of late) and their quality is probably some of the best I've found.

AyAyAy is a small company that started in Salt Lake City but has moved to LA. Their designs are simple but lovely.

Hopefully this at least gives you some eye candy to enjoy and your readers some options.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Lolë? It's a Canadian brand that's been expanding in the US the last few years.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Olympia Activewear?
Or Michi?

Anonymous said...

If you're missing the flattering fit of Scuba Hoodies (let's admit they suck now) I suggest Naketano (Naktano.com) - definitely high quality hoodies, different styles, it's a German brand. I'm a 6-8 in Lulu and the medium fits me well (i'd size up if I was gonna wear it as a layering = piece, I like to wear them alone with a tank peaking out at the bottom). They are ADORABLE, softer, sleeves just as long, and long enough in the body - the ones with hand pockets run an inch or two longer - they are my Scuba replacement. Shipping is expensive about 20-25 dollars, but after the cost of the hoodie + shipping it comes to about $80. Shipping is pretty fast, about a week via Fedex. I just signed up for their promotions, maybe I'll get a discounted shipping or what not. Got some adorable hoodies on sale - and not final sale! - for about 37 dollars. Seriously they are my new obsession, check them out, I really think scuba fans will love them!