Tuesday, March 12, 2019


New Love Crew/Tee *Fade colors - Washed Moon, Washed Gleam, and Washed French Clay. I'm a sucker for a pretty wash color so I ordered the Moon and Gleam tees.

New Soothe Away Pullover, shown in black and Pink Bliss. I liked it until I saw the giant lulu on the hoodie.

Round Trip Short Sleeve in Blue Cast

Pack It Up Jacket in Incognito Camo. Didn't all the Pack It Ups go to WMTM last year? I can't believe they brought this terrible style back.

Mist Over Windbreaker in Spicy Red

Unwind Your Mind Dress in Brick Rose. 

Vintage Plum Swiftly Breeze LS. Australia has had a new Breeze Tank for two weeks that I am not so patiently waiting for.

Deep Ruby Rain Rebel Jacket

Align Short 4" in Vintage Plum

Arrow Jacquard print Energy Bras in Antique Bark/Copper Coil and Dark Olive/Gray Sage.

New colors in the Nulu Hooded Define - Blush Coral and Gray Sage.

I'm so tempted by this heathered Mink Berry Scuba.

New Free To Be Serene colors - Copper Coil and Cascade Blue.

In the Comfort Zone pants, made of Cashlu.

Arabeque Antionette/Smoky Quartz Aligns

Graphite Purple and Miami Pink Light Crescent Tanks

Just the two Love tees for me today - did you get anything?


lulubell said...

I went to the store last Friday with the intention of buying the jacquard antique bark crops, and I was so disappointed to see them in person. They were just "meh" for me. The mix of colors was less exciting in person.

I do like the new purpley print in the Align crops. I may get those since I find myself wearing print Aligns way more than solid colors. I'm tempted by the Minkberry Scuba too. But most likely, nothing for me this week.

Anonymous said...

There are hardly any new designs for months now. I dont want to buy old designs in different colours, because I have a huge Lulu stash already. The Sooth away hoodie looked promising until I saw the hood -OMG. Just no.
The dress with the knotted front is a design fail, and the skirt is transparent.
I will read the reviews before I put my money down for the Cashlu pants. They look good on the model, but I'm worried about the knit stretching out and becoming baggy.

Jamiebetker said...

Ugh I have so many scubas, but the mink berry I am definitely getting. I think I will get at least one of the love tees also. Why are the rollouts to the US so different?! Causes me so much jealousy sometimes!

Anon. said...

Australia got some tight shorts with pockets that remind me of my favorite speed track shorts. I was hooing they would be in the Canadian store but no luck.

Unknown said...

Why don't we get the spoilers anymore?

Jamiebetker said...

Oh my gosh I went back to get some love tee faded colors and they’re gone?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of no new designs, is there any word on a St. Martins 2019 collection?

S said...

Pack it up jackets for great reviews. What makes you say it's terrible ?

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if they make a super high waisted luxtreme running pants? I have the super hi align and super hi wunder under.

LuluAddict said...

@ sarah - I don't like how short it is - both in the body and sleeves.

LuluAddict said...

@Staci - I'm sorry, I've been super lazy. I need to go back and post them.

Anonymous said...

The fast and free are high. Not specifically “super high”. But they are great running tights.