Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Bold Move Jacket in Black and Antique Bark.

The new Color Splash print in the Energy Bra and Wunder Unders.

Flower Pop in Fast and Frees and Nulux Wunder Unders.

Water Bound Hoodies are back. This is Dark Chrome.

Scuba in Gray Sage. I am so tempted to get this. I am loving all my Light Cotton Fleece Scubas.

New Rest Less tops in short sleeves - shown in Black and Frosted Pine.

New Free to Be Serene colors in Toothpaste and Amazonite.

Woven On the Fly Shorts in Frontier.

Ruche of Adrenaline Tank

Pretty Pursuit Bodysuit

Nulux Wunder Unders in True Navy

Gray Sage Fast and Free Tights

Warm Two Ways Bomber in Copper Coil

Frosted Pine Swiftly Tank

Free to Be Wild Bra in Pink Glow

Dance Studio Jogger in Dark Olive

Run Times in Dark Red

Round Trip Jacket in Pelt

Chromatic Cobalt Swiftly SS

All the Right Places in Brick Rose

Nothing for me this upload, though I do want to try on the SS Rest Less tops. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Nothing for me this week. Contemplating a couple of things upload a week or two ago, I might get a pair of red shorts to round out my collection. Nothing else is a "must have." The prices have finally reached a level that has curbed by impulse buys. Now, I tend to think about it a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Snooze-ville. And the ruching is very in-your-face. My wallet is happy :)

Anonymous said...

I only shop WMTM these days, and even that is rare. Just too many other options out there. Prints are hit or miss with Lululemon, and I already have all the classic colors I need (plus sage, wine burgundy/plums, etc)