Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Rulu Rally Wrap and Heathered Granite Purple.

Ombre Speckle Jacquard EB Black White Energy Bra

Garment Dye Define in Washed Misty Merlot.

Long for It Jacket in spacer material.

Serene Saturday LS in Quicksand

Hooded Define in Quicksand. Note, they are now making these in size 14, which is great because they run snug.

All Love Crew Striped Mesh Dark Olive.

All Love Tee Striped Mesh in Cloud Blue.

Cinch It Dress

Ebb to Street Long Line Bra

On My Level Rucksack in Gray Sage

Scuba Pullover

Scuba Crew

Emerald LS in Pink Glow

Warm Two Ways Bomber in Mossy

Smokey Blush Aligns

Free to Be Tank in Incognito Camo

Nothing for me this week - did you get anything?

PS - Check it out - a sizing check on Scubas show a size 18. Is lulu going to offer sizes above 14? Interesting and awesome if they are. Athleta goes up to 2x.


Anonymous said...

If you ask me Lululemon has been alienating an entire base of active people by not offering larger sizes. Its a turn off for me even if I don't wear the size. Athleta has been marketing to most all women and even use them as models in their catalog and site. Lulus models have always been a turn off for me. I will never look like them its pretty hard to determine how stuff will fit. Its about time they started getting on board with more women. Over the years I have found myself turning to other brands for this reason. I just don't really see myself or most women represented.

Anonymous said...

If that Ombre Speckle Jacquard came in a CRB I'd be all over it. I have so many bras - I want printed tanks! I was just looking back through your posts from several years ago trying to find the name of an old pattern (splatter paint, thank you!) and couldn't help but be bummed at all the pretty printed tanks Lululemon used to make. I feel like they miss so many opportunities - I guess they don't want my money. I'm sure I'm not alone in this., even if it is a first-world problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:13 I agree!! All the prints come in bras, leggings, shorts. No patterns in tanks and very few in the skirts. I prefer solid colored bras because sometimes the pattern shows through a top and I don't like the "shadowy" look that creates. I wish all these great patterns came in tanks and skirts.