Thursday, January 17, 2019

City Sleek Hoodie, Keep on Trek 3-in-1 Jacket, On Repeat Tights, and More

Gatsby Blue City Sleek Hoodie and Sunrise Silhouette Multi Fast and Free Tights

Titanium Wool Swiftly Half Zip Hoodie and Dark Adobe On Repeat Tights

High Beam Reflective Speed Wunder Tights

Carbon Dust Keep On Trek 3-in-1 Jacket (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photo!)

En Avante Reveal Tights

Gator Green Incognito Camo Aligns

1 comment:

ElvenAngel said...

can anyone comment on the quality of the brushed wunder unders this year? I love the dark adobe color but reading reviews scares me... then again, there's a lot of stuff that has a bunch of negative reviews and I love that product.