Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Sheer Lemon Free to Be Serene Bra

Cloud Crush Jacket in Ocean Mist

Laced With Intent Bra

Rain On Train On Tights in Redwood

New Swiftly Tanks in Quicksand and Eucalyptus

Flash Light Tone Energy Bra

Silver Fox In Flux Jacket

Jet Stream Swiftly

Stop Drop and Squat SS and LS

Define Pullover in Stony Grape

Porcelain Pink Push Your Pace Jacket

Nocturnal Teal Gather and Go Jacket

Gait Keeper Jacket

Deep Coal Define

Cool Breeze Free to Be Serene Tank

City Trek Jacket

Flash Light Tone Scuba

Game Point Crop in Coal

Press Pause Jogger in Nocturnal Teal

Midnight Navy Aligns

Stop Drop and Squat Crop

Nothing for me today - did you get anything?

Run All Day Backpack, Laced With Intent Bra, Push Your Pace Jacket, and More

Ms. K. was kind enough to provide photos of new items from her store today - the new print Run All Day backpack. She didn't see any other bags in the print.

New Free to Be Serene bra color.

New Laced With Intent bra in Misty Moon.

Push Your Pace Jacket

Loop Back Crew Expression

Rain On Train On Tight

City Trek (I think) Jacket