Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Violet Red Stamped With Love merino wool scarf. It also comes in white. So far only Canada got this in the upload but I'm sure the US will get it. It's cute.

Monochromatic Embossed Align 21" Crop. These are tempting.

Speed Up Tight Metallic in Dark Chrome and Heathered Black.

Swiftly Speed Turtleneck in Violet Red and Black (CAN). I like that lululemon is coming up with new takes on core items. I'd love to see a Breeze version of the Swiftly tanks.

Tech Fleece Chill Going Strong Jacket in Black and Midnight Navy. I'd order it to try but it's a daunting $168. I bought the Toast Tech Tight IIs last week and am in love. The tech fleece is like it used be - soft and cozy warm. There were a few years where it was thin and harsh feeling. I'm hoping we're going to see some tech fleece pullovers soon but this jacket is so tempting. I don't love the style but I do love the idea of a tech fleece jacket.

Soft Shine Sweater in Black, Heathered Silver, and Misty Pink

Washed Luna Luxtreme Define

Wool Swiftly Hooded Half Zip in Titanium and Nocturnal Teal. I bought a wool Swiftly Half Zip last year and love it.

Color Me Ombre Tights in Black/Obsidian/Titanium, Dark Adobe/Blush Berry/Violet Red, and Midnight Navy/Gatsby Blue/Visto Blue. These are made of nulux.

Color Me Ombre Shorts

Nulu Ethereal Mock Neck in Purple Quartz and Black.

Nulu Ethereal LS in Gatsby Blue and Black.

Gatsby Blue Sparkle Swiftly

Heathered Illuminite Scuba

Antique Bark/Misty Merlot Classic Scuba.

Dark Chrome/Cyber Energy Bra

Carbon Blue and Porcelain Pink Swiftly Tank

Misty Mint Swiftly LS

New print called Light Garden White Black in an Energy Bra.

Lacescape Spanish Rose Hooded Define

Melanite Align Joggers

Ombre Speckle Speed Shorts

Petrol Blue Down for It All Jacket

Spanish Rose Luxtreme Define

Sinatra Blue Hottie Hot Long Shorts

Titanium Align Pants

Forget the Shivers reflective Earwarmer

Forget the Shivers Beanie

Reflective Flocked Baller Hat

Falling Freely Leg Warmer

It's Rulu LS in Adobe

Masked Starlight Lace Tracker Shorts

Masked Starlight Lace Pace Rival Skirt

Winter Warrior Parka in Dark Red

All the Right Places Pant in Gatsby Blue

Nothing for me yet - did you order anything today?


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed with the repeat of prior years for Holiday. Nothing for me this week. Am I the only one who does not understand the Lab pieces?

LuluAddict said...

Lol, lab pieces are always weird and not practical/functional. So glad they've made them their own line instead of trying to turn the entire brand into lab-inspired products.

Anonymous said...

I’m a new lulu convert and I ageee, the lab pieces are hideous and so expensive. Glad I didn’t waste my time trekking to the lab store in downtown nyc.

Nicolie said...

Nothing yet but I get 25% off in store tonight so trying to decide if there is anything I really need. Will definitely pick up gifts!