Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 in Review - Color and Bright Prints are Back

Even though I spent 40% more compared to last year I am struggling with coming up with my Top Ten for the year. That's probably because a number of my favorites for the year are now well-established designs - Fast and Free Tights, Aligns, Breeze Swiftly tops, Love Crew Tees, and Free to Be Serene Bras, or repeats of old favorites - Stride Jackets, Toasty Tech Tights, Parallel Stripe print. Most of these styles were introduced in 2017 but they came out in a lot more interesting colors and patterns this year. The first quarter of the year started off with the departure of CEO Laurent Potdevin and Creative Director Lee Holman and the company seems much better off for it. For one thing, the designs seem to have returned to being more practical and functional and a lot less Lab-like. One very good thing happened this year - the sizes were expanded up to size 14, which I think opened up the brand to a lot of women.

The year included a number of colorful and floral prints. My favorites:

lululemon lush lillies
Lush Lillies. I know this isn't a favorite of everyone but I loved the energy in this print.

lululemon screen-camo
I liked Screen Camo so well I bought it in Fast and Free Crops and a Scuba.

lululemon paisley-glaze
One of my other favorite prints this year was Paisley Glaze. 

lululemon parallel-stripe
Parallel Stripe made an appearance at the very end of the year but I took the opportunity to get another pair of Wunder Unders and am crossing my fingers for a matching Free to Be Serene or Energy Bra. 

lululemon luna-washed
One of my other favorite bottoms this year was the Luna Washed Wunder Unders.

lululemon incognito-camo
Probably my most favorite print of the year - Gator Green Incognito Camo. I bought both the Align pants and crops. I bought a ton of camo print items this year.

lululemon swiftly-breeze ruby-red
I bought quite a few Swiftly Breeze Short Sleeve tops this year. This was a new design for 2018. The long sleeve version was introduced at the end of 2017 but the short sleeve showed up this year. I'm hoping for a tank version this coming year.

lululemon breeze-by muscle-tank
The Breeze By Muscle Tank got an update to the "II" version (higher armpits than the one) and I really liked the one I bought in black.

lululemon hooded-define

lululemon hooded-define
Another new design for 2018 that I really liked is the nulu Hooded Define. I love this light version of the Define that can be used as a top. I'd love to see it come out in more prints. I like that more and more items made of nulu came out this year.

lululemon love-crew
I've become a huge fan of the Love Crew III tees. One update that I don't love is that the Love tanks have been replaced by the pleated version. I hope to see a return of the regular version this year.

lululemon stride
The Stride Jackets made a cameo this year and I took the opportunity to buy my first ever of this jacket. It's turned into one of my favorite go-to jackets. 

lululemon scuba screen-camo
I also rediscovered my love of Scubas this year and bought three of the Light Cotton Fleece version. I don't know if it's because they're stretchier, the ribbed panels are back or what it is but they've become one of my favorite jackets when I'm feeling chilly at home.

lululemon free-to-be-serene-bra

The Free to Be Serene bras remain my favorite bra but it hasn't come out in a large variety of colors this year. I hope it gets more attention in the coming year.

lululemon speed-sock
I've also become a huge Speed Sock fan this year. I tend to buy these only when they hit WMTM but I have about half a dozen pairs now and love how cushy they are. I have lululemon socks going on a decade old and they are still in fantastic shape - no shrinkage and no holes. 

What are your favorites from 2018? Did your spending increase or decrease compared to 2017?


Blazer Blue Scuba

Blazer Blue and Sheer Lilac Define

Cozy Instincts Dress

No Inhibitions Tee

New Horizon Multi Free To Be Serene Bra

Red Alert and Carbon Blue Swiftly

Silver Lilac Swiftly SS

Peach Gold and Shiny Black Everywhere Belt Bag

Real Crop Tee En Avante

Reveal Tight En Avante

Mineral Blue All Day Duffel

A pretty small upload today. Nothing for me - did you get anything?

Monday, December 17, 2018


Pack It Down Jacket in pretty Lazurite Blue.

Lazurite Pack It Down Jacket

Nulux Best Pace Half Zip in Lazurite. It also comes in black.

Night Garden Fast and Free Tight

Night Garden Fast and Free Crop

Night Garden luxtreme Wunder Unders

Speed Up Crops in Light Garden

Masked Lace Starlight Scuba

Pixel Print Purple Quartz Aligns

Sweet Embrace in Lazurite

Plush Times Jacket and Jogger

Night Garden Tie Back Sculpt Tank

Night Garden Define

Nocturnal Teal Light As Warmth Scuba made with Prima Loft fleece. I'm curious to try this on.

Violet Red Free to Be Wild Bra

Time to Restore SS

Rose Gold Keep Cold Bottle

Nothing for me today. I bought the Starting Place Hoodie this weekend in black and was hoping it would upload in other colors. Did you get anything today?