Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Down for It All Pullover, shown in Fools Gold and Black.

Canada got the full length 28" Aligns in the Gator Incognito Camo but the US did not. Keep your eye on the website this week for them because I'm sure they'll be stealth-uploaded. Thursday is a popular day for that.

Gator Green Incognito Camo Scuba - so tempting but I must resist.

Gator Green Incognito Camo Define

Paisley Glaze Align Crops and Full Length. I ordered the crop. For some reason Canada got the 14 in these but the US did not.

Paisley Glaze In Movement Tight. I haven't been a huge fan of the In Movements yet since they tend to come in solids but I ordered a pair to try. I would have bet this would be a nulu-only print but now I wonder if we will see this print in Fast and Frees.

Washed Petrol Blue Luxtreme Define. This is so tempting to me I might break down and order it.

Rulu Define in Spaced Out Space Dye. It also comes in black.

Very pretty Rest Less Pullover in Carbon Blue. I hope we see more tops in this color.

New Fast and Free print called Meisai Black/White.

New wool blend Keep the Heat Thermal LS, Hoodie, and Tight in Dark Adobe and Petrol Blue.

New Swiftly Breeze LS in Sonic Pink.

Heathered Neptune Blue Love Crew. I've been looking for a new color to get in the Love Crew so I ordered this.

Cross Conditioning Tank in Carbon Blue

Dark Adobe/White Swiftly Tank

Dual Shibori Blue Haze Petrol Blue Luxtreme Wunder Unders and Energy Bra.

Dual Shibori Antique White Cement Gray Wunder Under Crop

Timeless Twist LS in Antique Bark

Timeless Twist Tank in Dark Chrome

On the Fly Pant in Heathered Jacquard

New Full Mesh Define in Emerald. Also comes in Black.

Fully Flexed Bra in Petrol Blue

Mesh in Motion Crop

On Repeat Dress

Royal Emerald Aligns

Winter Warrior Parka in Dark Olive

Out in the Elements Parka

Down for It All Vest in Misty Rose

I'm liking this sleek new backpack called the Return to Form.

Return to Form Tote

Rulu Cross Chill Run Beanie

So many cute things this week. I ordered the new Paisley Glaze print in Align Crops and In Movement Tights but will only keep one pair. I also got the Heathered Neptune Love Crew and might order that Petrol Luxtreme Define. I'll be keeping an eye out for the full length Gator Camo Aligns to show up on our side of the website and will order those when they show up. What did you get this week?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a review on the ribbed dance studio jacket ? Or if the sizing is the same to the original jackets ?

Anonymous said...

Love the pretty blues!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:35 pm - I haven't tried them on yet.

@ anon 4:20 pm - I know! I hope more tops and bras are coming.

Anonymous said...

Love the Paisley print but going to hold out to see if it's released in the Fast and Free. If it isn't, it wasn't meant to be. Would love to see prints like this in a tank, not just a bra, but for whatever reason, Lulu wants us to pair solid tops with printed bottoms. i bet they would sell a ton of printed tanks for those of us who prefer to wear solid bottoms!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the timeless twist tank in both colors to try. I don't care for the tanks you tie in the back, nor the ones with a built in bra so that eliminates a lot of lulu options for me. I'm hoping these work out.

Unknown said...

Same sizing as origin jackets

Anonymous said...

Hello LuluAddict, do you know when we’ll see the new leadership show in the designs? I imagine the designs were seeing now still reflect Potdevin.. would love your opinion.

Meaghan said...

Do you know anyone that buy from Canadian website and ship to the us? There are an old pair of fast and frees I’m dying to get ahold of and they are available on the Canadian site

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:28 am - I think we've been seeing new designs - or non-Holman designs - for about a year now. The florals and brighter colors, plus the more practical/functional pieces were not Holman's ideas. I really like what lululemon is doing lately - I've been spending a ton. Whoever is directing the color palette and product mix is doing a really good job imo.

Anonymous said...

If I'm remembering correctly, It was February when Potdevin/Holman left so it hasn't even been a year yet and since fashion runs a year ahead, we wouldn't see anything from the new designers till the spring uploads at the earliest. The stuff we're seeing now was all designed prior and being made at the time they both left so this is all still the old regime. Even their fast fashion department takes 4-6 months but they couldn't turn around this many designs that fast. They've used that dept for small capsules only. It will be interesting to see what the spring and summer and next fall/winter uploads will be like since these will be the newest design teams items following the fallout

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:30 am - Holman resigned in Nov 2017 so it's been just about a year. Holman was in some invented position, though, as I remember. It was one they created just for him. (I was right: https://fashionista.com/2015/10/lululemon-lee-holman)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:30 am - wasn't the woman Potdevin had the affair with some former head designer from the Lab? The designs have been a lot less "fashion forward" (coughuglycough) than they were when Holman and Potdevin were really leading things. I assume they were sidelined for awhile before their announced departures.

Ah, Racked has the scoop (https://www.racked.com/2018/2/14/17007924/lululemon-work-culture-ceo-laurent-potdevin) - that designer was let go before Potdevin left. I assume she was the source of a lot of bad designs: "Potdevin, formerly president of Toms and CEO of Burton, had been dating a designer at the company since 2014; the designer resigned that same year, but was subsequently brought on as a contractor for several projects. Before her resignation, Potdevin had divulged the nature of their relationship to the entire company at a corporate all-hands meeting, which was also recorded and emailed out to stores."

"Several former and current Vancouver employees, all of whom requested anonymity because they aren’t authorized to speak about the situation, allege that Potdevin’s girlfriend was given superior assignments and opportunities not commensurate with her role. One employee who had the same amount of work experience says the designer would often assign projects to employees on her same level, “and people felt like they couldn’t say no to her because she was the CEO’s girlfriend.”"

"On the design team, her increasing leverage left many employees unhappy. The member of the menswear team says at one point, Potdevin’s girlfriend was given extensive decision-making authority on a project that aimed to reposition Lululemon’s website. "

"Sources tell Racked that the company’s former executive creative director, Lee Holman, a Potdevin hire, was also dating a designer on staff. Human resources, which Lululemon refers to as people and culture, appointed a mediator so Holman’s girlfriend wouldn’t have to report to him. Several employees tell Racked the designer was “mean-spirited” and known around the office as a “bully.”"

"The menswear team member says that after an incident in which Holman’s girlfriend engaged in alleged unwanted physical contact in the office, a group of employees campaigned people and culture to fire her. The designer was suspended but then allowed back at the company, leaving employees feeling as though “they were keeping her on because of her personal connections to the company.” (In addition to dating Holman, the designer also used to work with Potdevin at Burton.) After a few months of ongoing complaints, her contract was not renewed, and soon after, Holman “ghosted his job and never came back,” according to a Vancouver product manager. Holman did not respond to interview requests, and Lululemon would not comment, citing privacy issues."

I honestly think they have the ability to pump out product quicker than 9 months these days. I can see a new print taking awhile but many of the items I like have been simple, solid colors and just expansions of current product lines. Hooded define, Align joggers, Breeze Swiftly line. And perhaps they were designs they already had in the vault and pulled them out when the fashion-forward roadblocks left.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Calvin McDonald influence the design direction? He started June 2018. Or do they usually stick with the same designers when they hire a new CEO?

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize Holman left quite a bit before Potdevin. Regardless, I haven't really seen anything worth buying for me personally and I haven't liked the new stuff at all, although finally the colors are so nice! I just think the "magic" is pretty much gone and reality is, I don't need more workout wear, I have so much! I haven't bought much lately and I'm okay with that.