Saturday, November 3, 2018

Gator Green Incognito Multi Camo Aligns and Gray Incognito Camo Fast & Free Crops

lululemon incognito-camo-gray-gator-green aligns
I got my order yesterday and absolutely love Gator Green Incognito in the Aligns. I found the print too washed out in Fast & Frees but it's beautiful in nulu Aligns. The above shows the difference between Gray Incognito Camo and the Gator Green version (both are Aligns).

lululemon incognito-camo-gray-gator-green aligns sage-dark-olive-swiftly
Gator Green Aligns with a Sage Swiftly on the left and Dark Olive on the right.

lululemon incognito-camo-gray align-fast-and-free-crop
I also ordered the Incognito Camo Multi Gray Fast & Free crops. Here they are next to the Aligns, where you can see the print is a lot lighter. They're not bad but I won't be keeping the F&Fs. 

lululemon incognito-camo-gray align-fast-and-free-crop gator-green-camo--align

The Gator stands out nicely next to the two Gray versions.


Anonymous said...

I am almost sure that the left aligns are sequio camo, not the incognito camo. I have both prints, and sequio is a smaller, darker print as the ones you have on the left. The incognito camo print looks like the print on the fast & free crops.

LuluAddict said...

Lol, you're right!! I have both kinds. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I got my camo fast and frees the other day. Absolutely love them!!! Look great with the black breeze swifty, as well as the red.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone could share their experience with the Aligms - I absolutely love the feel of them but have been afraid to buy because of online reviews indicating that they pill quickly and don’t hold up. The green camo is just gorgeous and I would love to purchase..... thank you!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:23 pm- my pants always pill in the crotch area but I have noticed the seams looking a bit ragged - the threads get "fluffy" - on my aligns. They're so soft and comfy I overlook their lack of durability but I don't usually wear them to the gym, just for casual use.

Anonymous said...

@Luladdict - thank you so much for sharing! Your details help me get a sense of how they might work for me - I would just use them for casual too - I think I could deal with those issues - so off to order the Camo Aligns I go! Thanks again !