Monday, November 19, 2018

Early Upload!

Define Jacket Foil in Luminosity Foil Black/Black.

Down for It All Jacket in Atomic Orange

Atomic Orange Down for It All Vest

In Stride Jackets, shown in Incognito Camo and Violet Red.

New nulux Wunder Unders in In Bloom Multi and Inflorescent Multi. I want Fast and Frees in the purple one.

Pinnacle Warmth Hat, shown in Fools Gold and Misty Rose.

Nulux Energy Bras in Inflorescent Multi and In Bloom Multi prints.

New Wunder Lounge Pant. These are supposed to looser fitting in the leg but Ms. K. has tried them on and found the waistband so snug she had to size up.

Swiftly SS in Sonic pink.

Teeny Tooth Speed Up Tights

Tech Mesh WUPS in Titanium and Dark Chrome

Emerald Wool Swiftly

Black/White Rest Less LS

Heathered Black/Brindle High Shine Foil WUPs

Green Smoke On Repeat Mock Neck

Gatsby Blue Breeze Swiftly

Contour Dress in Antique Bark nulu

Spanish Rose Landscape print nulu CRB.

On Repeat Jacket

Atomic Swiftly Tank

Cire Wrap WUPs

Dark Adobe Brushed Define

28" Full Length Align Pants in Gator Green Incognito Camo. I ordered these.

Zen Clash Multi Fast and Free Tights

Just the full length Gator Camo Aligns for me. Did you get anything?

Edit - After seeing some real life try on photos today I went back and ordered the Bloom Multi WUPs and Energy bra. The pants are ombre fade so I doubt there will be fast and frees in the print. This print is the Black Friday print.


CB said...

In LOVE with the Define Foil! My store got it this past weekend and I immediately purchased it. It looks like a leather jacket. It's WAY too cool.

Jamiebetker said...

That in bloom print is so pretty. Do you predict the Fast and frees will come out in it?

Anonymous said...

The in bloom WUs & energy bra :)

Nicolie said...

I ordered the high rise align pants in camo and the in stride. No idea if I will keep either...

Anonymous said...

Finally! Some color! I love the orange :)

Anonymous said...

So many pretty things. For sure getting those Strides. Super interested in the lounge wunder unders. Why don't they make the gator camo aligns in regular length? I don't want to alter the 28''s.

Eric said...

The mens floral shorts.. why?

dogrunner said...

Those hats though....Hahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

The models' attempts at smiling make me cringe...