Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Gator Green Incognito Camo Fast and Free Tights. These made a stir on the boards when they first showed up in Canadian stores a few weeks ago but it's take awhile to hit the website. I ordered them.

Align Joggers and Align Jogger Crops. I ordered the longer ones in black.

Dark Chrome Love Tee

Rain Rules Jacket. This is tempting but I don't really need another rain jacket.

Cyber Blue Speed Up Tight

Luminosity Foil Energy Bra

Cloudspace Wrap

Down for It Vest in Dark Adobe

Carbon Blue Fast and Free Tights

Bali Breeze LW Swiftly

Stopover Jacket

Arctic Plum Define

Arctic Plum Scuba

Deep Stretch Cinch LS

Deep Stretch Tank

Black Granite Align Crops

Reveal Tight Lattice

Lunar Rock Align Pants.

Green Jasper Like Nothing Bra

Reveal Bra

Reveal Onsie Principal Dancer

A new dance capsule was released - Principal Dancer Funnel Neck

Principal Dancer Pant

Principal Dancer Tank

Principal Dancer Corsetry Tight

Principal Dancer Golden Lining Tight

Principal Dancer Hoodie

Principal Dancer Jumpsuit

Principal Dancer Corsetry Bra

Principal Dancer Bag

 Principal Dancer Golden Lining Bralette

PD Leg Warmers


PD Shorts

PD Skirt

PD Corsetry Jacket

Reverse Me Wrap

Some tempting items today - the two pairs of pants for me. The camo F&F might be a little too green for me but I wanted to order them to try. Anything for you today?


Anonymous said...

Do they have 25” Gator Green Incognito Camo Fast and Free Tights coming?

LuluAddict said...

Oh wow, I didn't even notice they are a bit longer than normal F&Fs. If I had to guess, I'd say there are only going to be 28" ones since they strike me as being a "winter" print but I could be wrong.

Jamiebetker said...

Those align joggers 😍 have you seen them in person? Could we have your review once you have them?

Anonymous said...

Did you order your normal size for the align joggers? The align crops stretch a lot so ppl normally size down. Did you do the same for these??

Unknown said...

One word...gross.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:36 pm - yes, got my normal size. I don't mind if they're roomier.

@Jamie - sure!

Anonymous said...

Me as well. This collaboration is not interesting to me.
And that cinch long sleeve is.....;((
I’m a fan of cinch products tho

hmdowd said...

Has anyone tried the PD Corsetry pants and/or bra? I'm tempted...but lately hate ordering bras online anymore unless I try them first. But I have a feeling this line may sell out. I'm guessing the bra is for dancer small chested women...so maybe not for me. -Heidi

Jamiebetker said...

Thank you!!!! You are the best. Only trust your opinion on these sorts of things.